Today we sadly mark the passing of Noel Jan Tyl, who authored more than 30 books on astrology and related topics. His first book, The Horoscope Identity, was published by Llewellyn 46 years ago and led to a long-standing friendship with Carl Llewellyn Weschke. The two became neighbors in St. Paul, MN during the 1970s, and he helped Carl at book fairs and conferences. Carl had many great anecdotal stories about their time together.

Tyl was a towering figure, not only in stature but in the field of astrology. His 12-book series The Principles and Practice of Astrology were a fundamental resource to the study of astrology. What many people do not know is that Noel was also a classical opera singer and performed in opera houses around the world. When the Harvard graduate was not singing, he spent his time teaching astrology to generations.

Additional information on Noel Tyl’s books can be found here, and additional information on his life and background can be found be found here.

Written by Anna
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