Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Astrea Taylor, author of the new Intuitive Witchcraft.

Astrea TaylorWhen I was a teenager, I had a fantasy of being taken under the wing of a wise, all-knowing witch. They had a cabin in the woods, a hardy herb garden, plenty of private space for rituals, and a kitchen to die for. In my fantasies, they were brave and strong. They taught me everything I ever wanted to know, and then some.

At that age, more than anything, I wanted someone who had the same spirituality I had to acknowledge my magical potential and help me develop my gifts. I saw this person’s wise attention as the necessary step for me to attain self-confidence and magical ability.

Unfortunately, I never met this teacher or anyone like them in real life.

When I talk with younger witches about my teenage fantasies, a similar desire comes up for them as well. I believe that wanting a “Teacher Who Knows All” is rather common. Furthermore, it’s perpetuated by the stories that are told in our society.

Now that I’m older, however, I see a different possibility when it comes to this kind of teacher. I see the one I actually had—myself. Or rather, I had my higher self and my intuition as teachers.

In my search for an external authority figure, I had overlooked them for many years. I’d even brushed them aside, blind to their abilities to give me the confidence and magical prowess I longed for.

Once I started studying with my higher self and my intuition, I was able to research the topics, deities, and spirits that were most attractive to me. When my intuition told me to change course, I did so without any disruption to my spiritual work. With these teachers, I had massive spiritual growth spurts that may not have occurred had I had an external teacher.

Another wonderful thing about having your higher self and intuition as teachers is that they’re always with you. Also, they’re far more personal than any external teacher ever could be—indeed, you’re all on the same exact spiritual path! All you have to do is connect with them and uncover their wisdom.

I believe we’re the witches we’ve been waiting for to teach us what we long to know. We may not have cabins in the woods or herb gardens, but we have more resources and abilities than we give ourselves credit for.

External teachers are wonderful, and if you have one, I’m one hundred percent supportive. However, if you’ve been waiting for someone to take you under their wing—if you’ve been putting off the mysteries because you feel you need an external authority—realize that the teacher you’re looking for may be within.

Maybe you’re the witch you’ve been waiting for.

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Our thanks to Astrea for her guest post! For more from Astrea Taylor, read her article “How to Use Intuition in Your Craft.”

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