Happy Pride Month! We wanted to take a moment to raise the profiles of our many awe-inspiring and amazing authors and creators that have contributed books and decks in support of the LGBTQIA+ community. We hope you enjoy them and find them helpful.

This past weekend also marked 51 years since the Stonewall Uprising, the symbolic beginning of a movement as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals declared their presence and their rights. Unfortunately, change comes slowly, and the fight is not yet over.

Llewellyn stands with all those working to make lasting and meaningful changes. Our late President and Chairman, Carl Llewellyn Weschcke, believed that everyone should always try to become the best person they can become. We are hopeful the books we publish help to provide a path to this goal. Just as books are not created overnight, change does not happen overnight. It’s a process that requires effort, commitment, and unity. Llewellyn remains committed to our employees, our authors, and our readers, who are united in an effort to make a more inclusive world and to becoming the best person they can be.

(Psst! Are you a and author or artist that is part of the LGBTQIA+ community that wants to submit a manuscript or deck?!? Find full information on how to do so here.)

Igniting Intimacy Master the art of sex magic and forge radical new relationships with yourself, your beloveds, our planet, and life itself. This groundbreaking book invites you to develop intimacies that are as creative as they are consensual, as playful as they are profound, and as transformative as they are ecstatic. It offers fresh and accessible inspiration on topics such as self-love, conscious communication, and sacred sex, as well as practices and rituals for erotic shapeshifting, ecosexuality, ecstatic breath work, and so much more.

Rev. Rowan Bombadil (they/them pronouns) is a UK-based queer sex witch, psychosexual coach, and interfaith minister, dedicated to bridging the binaries between sex and spirit. Their work inspires individuals and groups of all genders, orientations, and bodies towards a more radical, creative, and intersectional vision of conscious intimacy. In their coaching, ceremonies, workshops, and events, Rowan seeks to facilitate personal and planetary transformation through pleasure.

Outside the Charmed Circle The intention of Outside the Charmed Circle is to help readers live as the truest expression of their gendered, sexual, spiritual self. It is designed to support you as you awaken to who you are, deepen your magical practice, and walk through the Pagan world. Author Misha Magdalene provides hands-on meditations, prompts, and magical workings to help you explore your identity as it intersects with your spiritual practice. With thoughtful insights on embodiment, consent, and Eros, as well as explorations of self-esteem, ability, disability, and your feelings about your body, this book helps those in the LGBTQIA+ community and their allies engage with a wide range of identities in a magical setting.
Queer Magic Queer Magic provides nourishment for LGBTQ+ souls and their allies who are interested in learning about the significant presence and influence of queer folks throughout history. Explore fascinating insights into queer relationships and spiritual practices from different regions of the world. Learn about deities, heroes, and historical figures who embody the power of the queer spirit. Discover inspiring contributions from contemporary LGBT+ Pagans, Catholics, Buddhists, Muslims, and others as they share personal stories of their experiences as well as spells, prayers, and meditations from their own practices. With practical suggestions and enlightening perspectives, this book is a unique resource for LGBT+ spiritual seekers who want to experience the sustaining energy and strength of the worldwide queer community.
Gay Tarot The universal symbols of relationships—a man and a woman united as a couple and the eternal yin and yang—are substituted here by archetypes that define male homosexual union. A brilliant blend of modern figures and classic imagery, the Gay Tarot provides an excellent means of understanding and introspection.
Magic for the Resistance With ideas for altars, meditations, community organizing, self-care, and more, Magic for the Resistance offers a toolkit for magical people or first-time spellcasters who want to manifest social justice, equality, and peace. Includes spells for racial justice, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, anti-fascism, environmentalism, immigration, refugee support, non-violence, and more.
La Santa Muerte As the patron saint of lost causes, the LGBTQ+ community, addicts, and anyone who has been marginalized by society, La Santa Muerte has a following of millions—and she’s only becoming more popular. Join author Tomás Prower as he gives step-by-step instructions for spells, magic, and prayers for practical results and long-term goals, including money, love, sex, healing, legal issues, protection, and more.
Vox Arcana This innovative tarot features artwork from dozens of different artists, creating a vibrant deck that is built up from 82 unique contributions. Like a choir singing in harmony, this deck proves that the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. With 82 cards (a standard 78-card deck plus additional cards for the four elements), Vox Arcana Tarot blends together the energy of the contributing artists to create a tarot that speaks to the full range of the human experience.
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