Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Wendell C. Perry, author of the new Behind the Horoscpe.

A lot of astrologers are looking at the chart for Election Day 2020 (Nov. 3) with trepidation, mostly because Mercury will be retrograde for much of the day. (It goes direct at 12:50 PM EST.) They remember the Mercury retrograde election of 2000 and that long, exhausting recount. However, we’ve had elections with Mercury retrograde in which the mechanism of voting worked without a hitch. The most recent was the 1980 election. What has me worried about the 2020 election is not so much what Mercury is doing, it’s what I see in the chart for the Full Moon on Oct. 31.

On my website ( I look at the charts for the Full and New Moons and try and determine what each has to tell us about the next two weeks. Some of these lunation charts are more dramatic than others, and my readings of them range from “right smack on” to “boy, I missed that one.” However, the chart for the Full Moon before the 2020 election seems to have a clear and rather alarming message. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.)a>.

First of all, we have the Sun in the Eleventh House and the Moon in the Fifth. (I’m using Koch houses, but these placements are the same in several house systems.) The Eleventh House has to do with our allegiance to certain groups and organizations. In that sense, it relates to partisanship in politics. Uranus is conjunct the Moon and opposed to the Sun. The aspects are extremely tight. This in itself is a promise of instability and explosive events, and those events seem likely to involve our politics.

This is just the start. The real centerpiece of the horoscope is Mercury, which is square Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto. Mercury, of course, rules communications and voting is all about communicating. The square to Saturn is the closest. It indicates that the process of voting will be somehow blocked or impeded. The square to Pluto tells us that these blockages will involve powers beyond our control. This could be COVID-19 or something else. The square to Jupiter is wide but, since Jupiter rules the chart, it seems to further describe a thwarting of the message that the polls convey.

All of this sounds pretty dire, and it supports some of the scary scenarios about this upcoming election that have been put forth in the media. However, there’s another way of looking at this chart. If we take the Moon as representing the “people,” then its conjunction to Uranus could describe an unprecedented energizing of the public will. Also, Venus in this chart is conjunct the Midheaven. This could mean that the election will be, in some way, good for women. It could also be telling us that, despite all the struggles and surprises this election is likely to entail, the ultimate outcome will be peaceful, and that we emerge from it a more united nation.

Our thanks to Wendell for his guest post! For more from Wendell Perry, read his article “Lifting the Lid on the Eighth House.”

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