Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Margaret Ann Lembo, author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals, and Stones; Essential Guide to Aromatherapy and Vibrational Healing, Crystal Intentions Oracle, Crystals Beyond Beginners, and the new Essential Guide to Everyday Angels.

You have many angels around you every moment of your life. They’re with you 24/7, when you are sleeping and when you are awake. They are a thought away.

The angelic realm is waiting for you to give them permission to help. They need specific requests to activate their assistance. Because humans have free will, angels need to be asked to assist on your behalf. They respond to thoughts and “hear” what you are thinking.

Ask your everyday angels to guide you to achieve that goal or intention. Use gemstones, essential oils, colors, and affirmations to help you stay focused on your ultimate outcome. Use these tools until you realize that your request has been answered. You will notice that you are no longer drawn to carry your gems with you or that you stopped saying the associated affirmations. Once you’ve integrated your request into your life you can move forward with a request regarding another area of your life.

Call on the angels to help you for any life situation, including (but not limited to) the Angels of:

  • Balanced Emotions
  • Career
  • Comfort
  • Grief
  • Divine Timing
  • Forgiveness
  • Happy Home
  • Health
  • Inner Peace
  • Marriage
  • Protection
  • …and so many more.These luminous beings of light are patiently waiting for your permission to assist you with living here on Earth. Visualize and imagine the requested everyday angels starting the process. Your imagination is one of the biggest keys to success.The everyday angels are your entourage. You are the important person, and these designated angels are your personal bodyguards and team players! Delegate and direct your team to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. They will pave the way to creating the life you want and deserve.

    Our thanks to Margaret Ann for her guest post! For more from Margaret Ann Lembo, read her article, “Your Heavenly Entourage: How to Connect with Your Everyday Angels .”


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