Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Madame Pamita, author of the new Book of Candle Magic.

Madame Pamita

One of the easiest ways to add a boost of power to your candle spells is by consciously choosing colors that are in alignment with your spell’s intention.

There are several ways that you can incorporate color into your candle magic:

  • Color of the candle wax
  • Color of the candle holder or tray
  • Color of glitter sprinkled on the candle
  • Color of paper and ink written on a petition paper with your candle spell
  • Color of flowers placed around your candle
  • Color of altar cloth where your candle spell is burning

There is great power in coordinating all of these in one color; for example a passionate red love spell with a red candle, red candle holder, red glitter on the candle, and red roses around it as it sits on a red altar. Just imagining that candle spell makes my heart race a little.

But you can also make a highly personalized candle spell by using multiple colors for various aspects of your spell. You might want to make a spell for a new job with a green candle for growth, dress it in gold glitter for more money, and place it on a purple tray for power.

Once you know the colors and their magical associations, it’s easy to incorporate colors in your candle spell work to amplify your intention.

Black: Banishing, transformation, uncrossing, endings, domination, protection, reversing, cursing.

Blue: Reconciliation, harmony, peace, kindness, healing, ideas, intelligence, communication.

Brown: Justice, balance, grounding, court cases, legal matters, reliability, support, stability, nature.

Gray: Neutrality, neutralizing, invisibility, secrets, occult and arcane wisdom, undoing prior spells.

Green: Prosperity, abundance, wealth, generosity, career, growth, fertility, healing, nature spirits.

Lavender: Healing, calming, tranquility, spirituality, meditation, compassion, empathy, selflessness.

Metallic Gold: Prosperity, fame, luxury, generosity, optimism, victory, sun magic, confidence, vigor.

Metallic Silver: Dreams, intuition, psychic work, courtesy, honor, moon magic, divination, glamour spells.

New opportunities, change of plans, opening the way, warmth, creativity, courage, optimism.

Pink: Romantic love, friendship, soul mates, emotional healing, heart connection, affection.

Purple: Empowerment, commanding, mastery, power, ambition, achievement, psychic ability.

Red: Passionate love, energy, action, attraction, sexuality, magnetism, will, force, anger, lust.

White: Cleansing, clarity, blessing, healing, innocence, truth, connection to the spiritual world.

Yellow: Optimism, prosperity, happiness, good luck, attraction, success, confidence, fame.

This list is just a start. You may have your own associations with each of the colors. I encourage you to start with this guide but make your color meanings personal. If you think yellow is the color for communication, add that to your list. If you don’t believe that orange is for opportunities, cross that off the list.

Build relationships with the colors just as a tarot reader builds a relationship with each of the cards. Color can be a powerful addition to all your candle spells and can make your magic pop!

Our thanks to Pamita for her guest post! For more from Madame Pamita, read her article “13 Candle Spell Hacks That Anyone Can Use.”

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