Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Lilith Dorsey, author of the new Water Magic.

Lilith Dorsey

Deep down, I’m a dirt-loving witch, and I like to use herbs, flowers, and other botanicals in all of my magic. This is definitely true for Water Magic, which is the title of my upcoming book from Llewellyn. The following plants can be used fresh or dried on your altar or shrine as a water-inspired offering, they can be used to make an infusion that can then be used as a magical bath or wash for your floors, or they can be combined and burned on charcoal to create a water-inspired incense.

  1. Coconut: Technically this isn’t a fruit or a nut, but instead a drupe. Whatever you call them, coconuts contain their own water, and can be used in your incense, bath, or directly on your water altar as an elemental offering.
  2. Eucalyptus: This watery herb is said to grant health, focus, and psychic ability.
  3. Gardenia: This delicate white bloom is one of my favorite flowers. Gardenia is used in magickal workings for love, devotion, and spiritual connection.
  4. Iris: There are over 300 different species of this beautiful flower. Irises are ruled by the moon, and are therefore useful for divination and other psychic work. They are said to bring love, romance, faith, courage, and wisdom. Very often the root, called Orris root, is used for spells and potions.
  5. Jasmine: This plant is so divine even its name roughly translates to, “Gifts from God.” It can be used in your magic for love, psychic power, friendship, happiness, and healing.

Our thanks to Lilith for her guest post! For more from Lilith Dorsey, read her article “How to Create Water Shrines and Altars.”

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