Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Neale Lundgren, PhD, author of the new Meditations for the Soul.

Neale Lundgren, PhDOur global situation has changed our relationship to the world at large and isolated many of us from our work and our friends. In this crisis, we can turn to meditation to help us manage the challenges this situation presents. Noticing our thoughts with awareness rather than giving our thoughts energy is the essence of all meditation.

Many of us imagine meditation as something set apart from our everyday life. There are spiritual techniques that can help us gain mental and emotional stability in the midst of the trials life may bring to us.

The practice of simple awareness, noticing thoughts but not giving them strength, effectively neutralizes the fight or flight response. We can practice simple awareness in any chosen activity throughout our day. All we have to do is bring gentle and soft-focused attention to what we are doing. We will eventually experience an internal peace beneath the noise of our thoughts. We will find stillness under the surface of the world’s turmoil.

The practice of mirroring, choosing to see the other as a reflection of our self, helps us to view others in a non-judgmental way. Reflecting the light of unconditional acceptance provides spaciousness to others, reduces anxiety, and increases positivity.

The practice of remembering the higher self at specified times in the day is one of the most effective meditation practices to install in one’s daily routine. Because the higher self always operates from a place of love and awareness, it is wise to offer our actions to higher love each day. For example, we can begin and end each day with the following affirmation: “I dedicate to higher love all of my actions today.” We can also begin and end any daily activity with the request that higher love be with us during it. If the thought of higher love is present at the beginning and end of an activity, then it follows that higher love must be present with us in the middle, too.

Simple awareness, mirroring, and remembering our higher self, are all examples of meditation in action that both calm and energize the mind. Now, more than ever, we are in need of such methods that will help our souls live and thrive in this ever-changing world.

Our thanks to Neale for his guest post! For more from Neale Lundgren, PhD, read his article, “How the Mind of the Soul Establishes Wellbeing.”

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