Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Katrina Rasbold, author of Crossroads of Conjure and the new Sacred Art of Brujería.

When you explore the fascinating folk magic systems of Appalachian Granny Magic, HooDoo, and Brujería, you find a wide array of interesting curios used for their magical properties. Here are twenty-six of them as we go through the Conjure alphabet!

A: ALLIGATOR FEET – An amulet for money drawing and gambling.

B: BUCKEYES – An amulet for male energy. (Cowrie shells for female energy).

C: CASCARILLA – Ground eggshells used to create protective boundaries.

D: DEVIL’S CLAW – A root used for exorcism and protection from evil.

E: EGGS – For cleansing and purification. Rub an unbroken, raw egg over the body to remove spells, curses, hexes, and entities.

F: FEATHERS (CHICKEN) – Black especially, used to create boundaries.

G: GRAVEYARD DIRT – For protection and to create endings and peaceful resolution to situations.

H: HAG STONES – To see through the veil. Sacred to the Cailleach. Invokes Crone energy and wisdom.

I: INCENSES – Scents create change and empower sacred space.

J: JACK-BALLS: – Part poppet and part mojo bag, used to curse a victim.

K: KEYS (SKELETON) – Opens or locks doors in your life, create opportunity, release the past.

L: LADY BUG BEADS/HUAYRURO – Invokes good luck and prosperity.

M: MOJO BAGS – Called “bolsitas” in Brujería. Containing herbs, oils, tokens, stones, charms, and other items to lend power to the intent of the bag. Carry with you or in your pillowcase.

N: NAILS (IRON) – To anchor a protective boundary.

O: OILS – Use to “fix” candles, anoint people or things, and to feed mojos or jacks.

P: POPPETS – For remote magic, represents person as a target for remote spell work.

Q: QUARTZ CRYSTAL – Regulates energy pulses.

R: ROOSTER FEET (PRESERVED) – A protection amulet. Place on your altar or hang by your door.

S: SNAKE SHEDS – Facilitates transition, to “shed one’s skin.” Put into a transformative Witch’s Bottle, a mojo, or in candle fixings.

T: TONKA BEANS – Smell sweet & draw in romantic love.

U: UNCROSSING BATH, OTHER BATHS – Steep in oils, herbs, and salts to bring about your goals.

V: VELAS – Fixed candles or prayer candles, burned to support a specific goal.

W: WASHES, WATERS – Examples are 4 Thieves Vinegar, Chinese Wash, Holy Water, and Florida Water. Used to cleanse and empower you, your home, or your working tools.

X: CROSSROADS DIRT – Use Crossroads Dirt to move easily between the worlds and to make decisions.

Y: YOUR BODY LEAVINGS – These identify YOU and attach your signature to a magical work. If you want to target someone else, use their body leavings, such as hair, toenails, body fluids, etc.

Z: ZOOLOGICAL PARTS, BONES, ETC. – Instills the attributes and energy of the animal into a magical work.

Whew! This is not nearly all the amazing array of curios used in the various folk magic practices, but it is certainly some of the most useful ones! I hope you found some new ones to try in your own magical work.

Our thanks to Katrina for her guest post! For more from Katrina Rasbold, read her article, “Healing Energy Magic.”

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