Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Leanna Greenaway, co-author of the new Catalog of the Unexplained.

If a thought is supposed to be a living thing, what happens when we project our wishes and dreams towards the universe? Many spiritual cultures believe that every living thing on the planet possesses unseen energy, and those that are lucky enough to be sensitive to this are even able to see it in the way of a person’s aura.

Energy is contagious, and whether or not we know it, we are projecting vibes every minute of our lives; this becomes evident when we are thrown into situations that are highly charged. You might stumble into a church or crematorium when a funeral is underway and immediately pick up on the grief around you; this could make you feel a sudden sadness, even if you don’t know the person who has passed away. The same can be said if you walk into a party where everyone is happy and laughing; your mood will blend with the environment you are in, and you’ll begin to feel animated. Let’s say that you are in a rotten mood at work; it’s quite likely that you’ll inflict your temperament on the person sitting beside you. After an hour or two with you moping around, he or she will probably feel as wretched as you do. This is why some people have the capability of inspiring another person; they are sharing their motivational energy with the recipients.

Many believe that we can invite similar energetic vibrations towards us merely by sending out a thought or request to the universe.

Since the beginning of time, incantations have been present in many cultures and faiths. The theory is that we attract to us what we send out; ever heard of the saying, “What you sow, so you shall reap?” With repeated incantations, we can shift away from any negative vibes and summon only the positive. One way of ensuring a nice, quiet life is to concentrate on sending out positive thoughts to the universe and perhaps being specific with your request.

It’s so easy to do. Firstly, you have to learn how to control your mood. If you wake up feeling unhappy, immediately think of something that makes you cheerful, or reminisce about a happy memory in your life. Stand in front of a mirror and repeat the very thing you want to attract. If you’re worried about money, ask the universe for extra cash. Say something along the lines of, “Universe, send more money my way.” Keep saying it, maybe 10 – 12 times, and then later in the day, while you are relaxing or washing the dishes, repeat the incantation again. If you feel ill or under the weather, this is when negative energy can take hold because you might be tired or your natural defenses deflated. Repeat a chant like, I will feel better today, I will begin to heal.” Repeat this over and over. Continuous thought projection like this will allow you to attract those positive vibes, changing the energy around you.

Science is still exploring the human mind, and many consider it such a powerful force that can be as strong or compelling as any physical action. Remember, your thoughts are real. Everyone has the ability to use mind over matter; we just have to learn how to hone in.

Our thanks to Leanna for her guest post! For more from Leanna Greenaway, check out Catalog of the Unexplained

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