Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Pamela Chen, author of the new Witchling Academy Tarot and the forthcoming Owl Tarot.
Tarot Cards and Candles

Pamela ChenMagic is bringing your thoughts and intentions into reality with focused energy, and tarot is the perfect tool for magical practices, because it is filled with an enormous amount of symbology that can be used to represent your intentions. Here are three ways that you can use tarot for everyday magic.

Using tarot on your altar can help you both create and focus on the energy you desire to bring into the sacred space. For example, when I create an abundance altar, I like to incorporate the Nine of Pentacles as the centerpiece of my altar for my wealth and prosperity. Choose one or two cards that can help you attract the magic of your intention, and set it at a prominent place on your altar.

One of the simplest ways to use tarot for everyday magic is to infuse the card’s energy into your food or drink. You can do this by putting the card of your choice, one that represents the energy you desire to claim, beneath or on top of your drink and food, and imagine the card’s vibrations flowing into them. Next, put your hands over the card and food, as you visualize the magic infusing your food or drink. You might choose a card for the energy you would like to step into for the day, for example, such as selecting The Sun for success and victory. Then, eat your food and drink, and thank the card for their assistance.

Tarot is a potent talisman that can also protect or attract the energy that you desire into your life. To activate your tarot talisman, hold your card to your heart, and ask for guidance.Then carry the card with you in your pocket or bag, allowing the bountiful blessings to flow your way.

As you can see, it is so easy to bring magic into your life and actualize your dreams. Try one or more of these magical practices and keep an open mind and heart for possibilities to show up daily. If you are looking for a magical deck for your everyday enchantments, check out my new Witchling Academy Tarot!

Our thanks to Pamela for her guest post! For more from Pamela Chen, read her article “An Intuition Spell with the Witchling Academy Tarot.”

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