Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Granddaughter Crow, author of the new Wisdom of the Natural World.

Granddaughter CrowHere is my list of 10 reasons why I consider myself a full-blown Pagan!

  1. You are encouraged to be who YOU are. In some belief systems, followers are taught that they need to change their authentic self and follow like sheeple. This is so damaging for so many reasons. If I am told to change who I am, I will tell others to do the same—a vicious cycle of non-acceptance. I do not ask my cat to behave like a dog. Be yourself.
  2. You are allowed to ask questions. In some belief systems a question is a sign of lack of belief or as a lack of respect—a challenge. However, whatever created me gave me a mind that asks questions in order to learn. I personally will not follow a belief system that is afraid of my questions.
  3. Our heaven is the celestial bodies above us and within us. Look up to the sky, aligning with the sun and moon. Some belief systems will say that earth is a harsh place and if we are humble, poor, and sacrifice ourselves, we will then go to a place that rewards us—out there somewhere. The idea that we have to suffer and to await a reward once we pass discourages us from living a full happy life now.
  4. Our ways come from our ancestors and align with seasons and the natural world. If you go back far enough in any bloodline you will see that our ancestors did the same thing in order to plant and grow food. Maybe some of us feel far removed from this, but it is not difficult to remember. It is a matter of spending time outside.
  5. You are allowed to be a Pagan and practice another path, too. For me, saying that I am Pagan simply means that I honor and work with the natural world.
  6. We have many gods and goddesses—all expressions of life, death and rebirth as well as natural phenomenon. I believe that the divine can present itself to us through many expressions—the divine is limitless. So, connect with the Celtic deities, the Norse deities, the Egyptian deities, or for me the Navajo deities. Align with what aligns with you.
  7. We gather to have fun and celebrate—not to be reprimanded and controlled. With 8 Sabbats (aligning with solar and seasonal energy) a year, and 26 Esbats (under the new and full moon) a year… who has time to be dull?
  8. We are not born of sin, into sin, and look for something else to save us. I am not a sinner—I get to live a joy filled life.
  9. It is self-empowering and connective.
    I stand in a circle with no head and no end, equal in importance, huh… reminds me of a true tribe.
  10. It is a natural expression to be a part of the natural world. I think that statement speaks for itself.

These are my personal top 10 reasons for practicing Paganism. Blessed Be!

Our thanks to Granddaughter Crow for her guest post! For more from Granddaughter Crow, read her article “How to Press the Reset Button on Life After Difficult Times.”

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