Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Jessica Marie Baumgartner, author of the new Magic of Nature.

Nature is life. It is magic and it hosts powers beyond our imagination. When we listen, and connect our energies with the spaces around us we become whole.

Throughout my life I have faced a lot of uncertainty. Many of us have. Somehow, no matter how frightening or frustrating our experiences become, healing magic awaits us. In the fields, the trees, the waterways; within the flames of our own fires we find eternal balance.

There is a see-saw effect to existence. We are thrust up with a gust of air when following our true path, and dropped down in the mud when we veer. Everyone veers, especially me, but even when feeling at our lowest point there are flowers sprouting up from muck and mire. The God(s)/universe draw us back to our purpose with these natural ties and point us in the right direction.

It’s not always easy to listen. There are many distractions in the modern world but just taking a quiet walk in the park, or casting a fishing line into a pond awakens something inside. The voice within rests in everyone. When not sure who or what to trust, it is often the only thing a person can rely on. That is why I wrote The Magic of Nature: Meditations & Spells to Find Your Inner Voice.

There seems to be a lot of self-doubt lately. In the past few years I have had to work extra hard to strengthen my bonds with the world and it creator(s)/energy. Yet, through it all, I find peace and truth in the simplicity of nature. The energy surrounding us is not always properly used, but it remains, waiting for us to realize our power and infuse it.

Calling upon my instinctual compass to properly communicate with myself allows me to walk with love and better interact with others. It is a practice I hope you all master. Each of us deserves to experience and enjoy the magic of nature.

Our thanks to Jessica for her guest post! For more from Jessica Marie Baumgartner, read her article, “Quick Ways to Connect with Nature at Home.”

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