An ENORMOUS thank you to our LlewellynCon presenters today: Jack Chanek, Tara Sanchez, Michelle Welch, and Anodea Judith!

Unable to watch their presentations live? Click on their images below to watch the recording! And, be sure to follow our YouTube channel, where we’ll be sharing the recordings of each presentation!

Watch Jack Chanek: An Introduction to the Tree of Life

Watch Tara Sanchez: Brownies, Bannicks, Bogarts & Boggarts: Cultivating a Relationship with Domestic Fae



Watch Michelle Welch: Why Can’t People Just Mind Their Own Energy?



Watch Anodea Judith: Chakras as a Map for Awakening Our World

Want even more author presentations? Head over to our YouTube channel to watch of our LlewellynCon2021 presentations.

Thank you again to all who presented and attended!! We’ll see you tomorrow!

Written by Anna
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