Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Vincent Higginbotham, author of the new How Witchcraft Saved My Life.

Who isn’t familiar with struggle, with trauma? Who of us can say that nothing has ever gone wrong, that we’ve never felt powerless over a situation. My guess is that no one anywhere is raising their hand saying, “Me, I’ve never known hardship of any sort.” It is part of our human condition to feel pain. I would posit that we are made flesh in order to teach our spirits what it is to know limitations. So it is safe to say that this shared experience is the way that life is meant to be.

I can’t speak for all Witches, though I imagine many would agree that magick is something akin to a power grab. This isn’t to say that we are tyrants attempting to overthrow the status quo. It is rather the opposite, actually. Waking up to witchcraft is more likely our higher selves grasping at the chance to reconnect to all that we truly are.

Magick is a tool; it is a device that we, in our fleshy ways, can access a piece of what we all originated from. When working spells we are attempting to manipulate this earthly experience and manifest our human will. We use different avenues to accomplish this throughout the community. In the end, the truth is undeniable because what we are all doing is attempting to rescue ourselves from distress or misery.

We are all goal-oriented to finding a path forward, be it through enlightenment, success, relationships, or any other venue that helps us to feel as though we are not alone in this fight we call existence. And magick for the Witch is a life raft, it is the safety boat that we can board as the ship is sinking.

What we learn as we wonder down our crooked path is that we do have some say in our outcomes. We are granted an ability to save ourselves from destruction when we take power into our own hands and strive to make our situations better.

From insight to submission, witchcraft affords us an escape from the mundane world where we might appear to be powerless. As Witches we become our own saviors. We accept our lot and then strive to change it through an innate understanding that we do in fact possess the power to adjust our lives accordingly. What we dare to believe, will into existence, know we can accomplish, and keep silent from others is our power.

As a Witch, when we step into our gifts, when we accept that we do not have to stand by and watch life happen to us, we gain control. Using magick to manipulate our world in order to suit our needs frees us from the lie that struggle has been force feeding. It tells us that we are strong, that we can forge ahead. And once we embrace this wholeheartedly, we become a force to be reckoned with that refuses to let the world beat us down.

Our thanks to Vini for his guest post! For more from Vincent Higginbotham, read his article “7 Ways That Witchcraft Saved My Life.”

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