Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Leslie Sampson, author of the new Find Your Twin Flame.

The overwhelming belief in the twin flame universe is that a locating your twin flame on Earth is required to be fully connected or “in union” with your twin flame. But the plain truth is that twin flames are never disconnected.

Whether your twin is on Earth (or even in some other universe) or on the Other Side, you can connect with them. After all, they’re the only other soul in all of creation that matches yours exactly. You have a direct line to them.

Let me tell you a secret. Lean close; let me whisper it to you, because you haven’t it heard before now. Are you ready? You are already connected to your twin flame. You have been connected to your twin flame since the creation of your soul.

In fact, you’ve likely already connected with your twin flame several times today, and you haven’t realized it at all. This connection exists for the sole purpose of being able to transfer energy between twin flames. It’s also used to draw the twins closer to one another, regardless of what plane they’re on, physical or otherwise. Let’s examine this connection a little more closely.

Bring your attention to your heart chakra in the center of your chest. You can place your hand on your chest if you’d like, envision it in your mind’s eye, or hear the sound this chakra makes. Imagine, see, hear, feel, and experience that there is a divine cord that stretches from this chakra. Its size, shape, color, texture, and feel are entirely unique to you. This cord was created from the same divine DNA that created your soul and that of your twin flame. It connects you throughout all space and time.

This cord shares information, data, and energy between twin flames. The energy exchange is constant, and is why twin flames experience things in parallel or similar ways. Your souls are utilizing this cord to assist one another on your journeys.

Give the cord a tug, or consciously send loving or healing energy through this cord. This is the most direct way to connect to your twin. Send questions through the cord, or messages. Ask your twin flame to come closer to you. This cord will not fail you.

This is the easiest and most direct way to connect with your twin flame, yet it is not often consciously used. It is the connection that was specifically designed for twin flames to communicate.

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Our thanks to Leslie for her guest post! For more from Leslie Sampson, read her article, “Five Myths (and Five Truths) about the Twin Flame Relationship.”

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