Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Pamela Chen, co-creator of the Witchling Academy Tarot and the new Enchanted Crystal Magic.

Pamela Chen
Are you ready to manifest divine money?

Crystals are natural, magical tools that can be used to amplify the energies of your intentions for faster manifestation of of what you most want to bring into your life. They are naturally filled with the positive energies from the earth.

In order to manifest money, you have to vibrate at the same energy as the amount of money you desire to call in. Using a crystal that has the frequency of abundance can quickly align you to your money goals.

In my book Enchanted Crystal Magic: Spells, Grids, and Potions to Manifest Your Desires, I share about three of my favorite money crystals along with three easy abundance spells that can help you manifest more wealth. You can also use the following simple ritual that I use to amplify that magic.

First, choose a crystal that resonates with abundance and money for you. Green calcite, pyrite, citrine, emerald, and clear quartz are some of my favorites. After you have your money crystal of choice, hold it in your left hand, and place your hand with crystal in it over your heart, close your eyes, and chant three times, “I am a powerful money magnet.” Imagine the gold or green energy of the crystal surrounding your entire body and breathe it in. Next, journal on the next actions to take that can call in more money. Write down any ideas and thoughts that come, without analyzing them, even if they don’t make sense. When you feel complete from receiving the inspirations that have come, thank your crystals and the money that is coming to you. Then, you can analyze what you wrote down and take action on the next steps revealed to you. Keep the crystal with you, on your altar, or in your wallet for good luck!

Remember money is just energy, a divine infinite resource, always available for you if you ask for it. Using the magical energy of crystals to help you, can help to manifest even more of it in your life and as you continue to rise to abundant riches.

Our thanks to Pamela for her guest post! For more from Pamela Chen, read her article, “3 Keys to Magically Working With Crystals to Manifest Your Desires .”


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