Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by RJ Spina, author of the new Supercharged Self-Healing.

Healing is the return to what is original to you. What is original to you is the being-ness you eternally are. This being-ness—what is original to you—exists prior to belief, thought, emotion, action, and behavior. Prior to the body itself. Prior to any incarnation. Being-ness must already exist for there to be an experience. Being-ness must already be present for a memory to be created.

Self-healing and self-actualization are the great undoing of your humanistic misperceptions, misunderstandings, and misidentifications. Your beliefs, concepts, ideologies, and so-called knowledge must all fall away. It is not a becoming. We only ever become astray to what we really are. Upon authentic self-actualization all knowledge and ignorance are recognized as the same and simply disappear.

Our physical body was specifically designed to be perfectly aligned with the direct cosmic activity of the soul. This way of being or state of consciousness is the eternal harmonic balance between the spiritual and physical. Our divine energies are perfectly integrated like a balanced scale. We are healthy, happy, filled with vitality and an appetite for life when we are true to our Self and it shows.

Our physical body was not created, nor can it handle, the constant mental driven activity born of the egoic mind, or what I call the ego/mind/identity. This mis-programming takes our body of energy and our physical body totally out of harmony and into dis-harmony and dis-ease. Once this looped pattern of mis-qualified energy has gained enough momentum, stress, anxiety, and poor health is inevitable as well an increased likelihood of a premature demise for the soul.

This is not punishment nor is it your fault. These teachings have been kept from you. You have simply been miseducated and overly medicated. There are many ways to stop your program of limitations and ill health from chugging along like a runaway freight train. It all starts with gaining control of energy. This control is the key to self-healing, self-actualization, and every possible achievement in between.

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I am your holy brother,

Our thanks to RJ for his guest post! For more from RJ Spina, read his article, “The Top 7 Mistakes To Avoid If You Want To Heal.”


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