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UFO in the Sky

In 2017, military footage was released to the public showing military fighter jets pursuing tic-tac-shaped aircrafts. In 2020, the Pentagon formally acknowledged these videos and affirmed that the aircrafts were indeed UFOs. Although the journey toward full disclosure isn’t over, improvement most certainly has been made. The past seventy-three years have been frustrating for UFO researchers, with every government-funded project designed to study the UFO phenomenon dismissing the reports and ridiculing the witnesses altogether.

After the Roswell crash in 1947, the number of UFO reports increased drastically. With continued pressure on the Air Force to provide answers to these sightings, “Project Sign” was initiated in 1948. Project Sign investigated a total of 156 cases, 7 of which remained unidentified. Interestingly enough, the members wrote an Estimate of Situation and suggested that these UFO were in actual fact, interplanetary in origin. This hypothesis did not go down too well with General Vandenberg, the Chief of Staff of the project. Vandenberg, a well-renowned skeptic, dismissed this idea altogether and stated that UFOs were simply misidentifications of natural phenomena or celestial bodies.

Although the Air Force had now provided an answer to the UFO sightings, the reports continued to rise, and this explanation simply didn’t suffice. To keep up with the rise in reports, the Air Force initiated “Project Grudge.” Although the project lasted three years, only one document was produced. The 600-page Grudge report gave numerous suggestions and explanations to solve the rise in UFO reports. The first was to launch a public education campaign focusing on minimizing the importance of the phenomenon and stating that these reports were all hoaxes and attempts by people to gain fame and publicity.

The report further stated that the observed UFOs are not interplanetary in origin, nor do they pose a threat to national security or possess advanced technology. If we consider the UFO reports investigated by Project Grudge, the latter two explanations are simply inaccurate. If an unidentified and unconventional aircraft infiltrates a nation’s airspace, then it is indeed a threat to national security. Moreover, if an aircraft outmaneuvers and outpaces the best fighter jets the military has in its arsenal, then it is most definitely more technologically advanced.

The preposterous investigations continued with the initiation of the “Robertson Panel.” The committee members stated that the reports were simply (a) a misidentification of enemy aircraft, (b) hoaxes and (c), public mass hysteria caused by psychological warfare. It is still unbeknownst to me how in just under twelve hours, the committee members solved one of the most complex phenomena. Even with the knowledge and information we have in the 21st century, the technology of these beings is so advanced that we still cannot comprehend how these aircraft operate.

The most notable UFO project lasted for seventeen years under the name “Project Blue Book.” The Air Force investigated a total of 12,618 reports, 701 of which remained unexplained. The aim of this investigation was two-fold: the first was to scientifically and objectively study the UFO reports and secondly, to discern whether these aircraft posed a threat to national security. The project was terminated not because these two goals were achieved, but because the Air Force deemed the study of the UFO phenomenon as a waste of resources. Although numerous government-funded projects were initiated to study UFO reports, they all came to the same conclusion; that the phenomenon is extraneous. Or that’s what they wanted the public to believe.

After Project Blue Book was terminated, the public believed that the Air Force simply stopped investigating UFO reports. It was not until 2017 that the government stated that UFO reports were still being investigated and had been since 2007 under the name AATIP—the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. The program had a budget of over 20 million dollars and important breakthroughs were made. Luis Elizondo, the program director, stated that they were in possession of metal alloys that were extraterrestrial in origin.

The study of the UFO phenomenon has developed and progressed significantly over the past seventy-four years. The mindset has shifted from seeing UFO reports as nonsensical, to the Pentagon declassifying military footage showing fighter jets pursuing UFOs. Although we have more answers than we had seventy-four years ago, there are still numerous important things which we still do not know. Who are these visitors? What are their intentions? These questions may remain unanswered, but the one thing which we do know is that we are not alone in the universe. We never have been. Not only have we been visited since the beginning of time, but these visitors are infinitely more advanced and superior to us.

Our thanks to Warren for his guest post! For more from Warren Agius, read his article “5 Characteristics Typical of a UFO Sighting.”

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