Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Tudorbeth, author of the new Hedgewitch’s Little Book of Spells, Charms & Brews.

She stands alone upon the hill,
Seeking solace amongst the ruins.
Finding futures from the runes.
Creating heaven with the weather.
While in her pointy hat sits a feather.
Cloak of purple, her cauldron black.
Broomstick in hand, magic at last.
Casting spells with potions galore.
Helping folks with health, love and more.
Sprinkling sparkles makes her nose twitch.
For she is wise, for she is the Hedgewitch.

The world of the Hedgewitch; dragons and faery.
Now complete with elemental reality.
We dream, we dare, we long to live there.
We ride two worlds of space and time.
Where nature give us a sign.
We listen and we believe.
The worlds of Gods and Fae we seek.
Upon the hedge two worlds we ride.
Trying to live side by side.

Postcards from two worlds, wish you were here.
Enjoying the elemental year.
Welcome to Hedgewitchery.
Wherever you are and whoever you dream to be.
Welcome to this world of magic and mystery.
I cast this spell on all who this rhyme sees.
Who want to ride hedges with me.
An it harm none so mote it be.

Our thanks to Tudorbeth for her guest post! For more from Tudorbeth, read her article “Hedgewitchery: An Introduction to Its Power and Magic.”

Written by Anna
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