Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Leslie J. Linder, author of the new Spinstress Craft.

Leslie J. LinderMy new book revamps and reclaims the terrible old stereotype of a spinster (an independent female earning her own coin). The spinstress uses magick, mystique, and her own inner glow to create exactly the life she wants. Her relationships are on her terms, and whenever she is single that is just fabulous too. The book additionally speaks to womxyn. This is meant to make a slightly less binary space for anyone who feels called to spinstress craft. In this journey you will get to:

  • Consecrate your makeup, shoes, or whatever make you feel pretty and powerful in your daily life. There is also a spell for consecrating your own magick mirror. In this craft we practice self-concept magick (like, “I am beautiful, powerful, and good, and I always get what I want”) in order to boost our magick spells and live our best lives.
  • Learn lots about sex toys from ancient to modern times, as well as consecrate our own. We have rituals to define and celebrate our individual sexuality. We have spells to introduce the reader to sex magick practices (or at least some different practices) that can be done self-partnering or with others.
  • Work with consecrated earth (in Halloween speak this is “graveyard dirt”) to involve our ancestors in our magickal and spiritual practices.

So, check the book out when it arrives, and I look forward to hearing cool details from my readers’ own journeys.

Our thanks to Leslie for her guest post! For more from Leslie J. Linder, read her article “Bombshells with Broomsticks: Introducing Spinstress Craft: Magick for the Independent Witch.”

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