Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Ailynn Halvorson, author of the new Tarot Apothecary.

Tarot Apothecary Every fall I like to work with The Hanged Man to help me let go and release what needs to be released in order to create an easier path forward. I often pull out my tarot cards for answers. I have a special spread that I like to use for each season. Here is my autumn spread. After asking my questions and pulling the cards, I will often sit in meditation with the cards to hear what they have to say. This spread will help you to get some answers to ponder and work with this fall to help you let go, surrender to what is, yet to find that new perspective for movement forward. This is an easy, six card-spread.

  1. Shuffle and separate your deck into three piles.
  2. Shuffle each pile separately.
  3. Pile #1 relates to The Hanged Man, what to let go of; pile #2 relates to The Chariot, where to put your focus for forward movement; and pile #3 relates to your ancestors, and what advice they may have for you.
  4. From each pile you will be pulling the top card off the pile as well as the bottom card. The top card is a message from your archetype and the bottom card is an additional message from the Hanged Man, The Chariot, or your Ancestors.

Six Card Autumn Tarot Spread

Pile One:
Top Card: The Hanged Man Question:
What do I currently need to let go of and release in my life?
Bottom Card: An additional message from The Hanged Man.

Pile Two:
Top Card: The Chariot Question:
Where should I put my focus for moving forward?
Bottom Card: An additional message from The Chariot.

Pile Three:
Top Card: Ancestors Question:
Advice from the Ancestors.
Bottom Card: More advice from the ancestors.

Here is my personal sample reading for you to get a better snap shot of the process.

Pile One:
Top Card: The Hanged Man Question: What do I need to currently need to let go of and release in my life? The Nine of Wands: Let go of the struggle. You are almost there; it is time to enjoy the ride a bit more.
Bottom Card: Message from the Hanged Man and the Nine of Wands: The Moon: It is time to start trusting in your intuition a bit more. You may not know where your path is taking you, but you know how to walk in the dark and you can trust yourself.

Pile Two:
Top Card: The Chariot Question: Where do I need to put my focus right now for movement forward? Temperance: It is time to allow things to blend right now. You are in a melding time space. Watch for synchronicities and allow the blending to happen. Don’t step out too far in any direction until you are ready.
Bottom Card: Message from The Chariot and Temperance: The Empress: Put your focus on growth, abundance, and beauty. Watch for those synchronicities that allow for growth. When the time feels right, you will know which direction in which to focus and drive. You are on the path of growth. Welcome it.

Pile Three:
Top Card: Ancestors Question: Advice from the Ancestors: The Ace of Pentacles: You are laying a new foundation for your life to grow upon. Welcome the opportunities and allow for your garden to grow. It is now time to create a grounded plan for the future.
Bottom Card: Message from the Ancestors and the Ace of Pentacles: The Hierophant: You are now the channel for others. Speak with wisdom and integrity. You will not fit in every community, but where you fit, you will be heard. It is time to teach.

This is a simple card pull that you can do during the fall to assist in your journey. The cards always speak when you take the time to listen, for their messages are always waiting to be heard.

Our thanks to Ailynn for her guest post! For more from Ailynn Halvorson, read her article, “The Four Main Ingredients in a Magical Potion.”

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