Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Mat Auryn, author of the bestselling Psychic Witch and the new Mastering Magick.

Mat AurynIn my book Mastering Magick: A Course in Spellcasting for the Psychic Witch, one of my main motives was to share aspects of spellcasting that are often overlooked that I wish I knew when I first started engaging in magick. A lot of these insights are incredibly simple and cost nothing; the price of admission is simply your attention, energy, sincerity, and time. Here are four simple examples of ways you can enhance your spells when you’re casting them to ensure that you’re properly connecting with the energy of the spell and thereby enhancing the potency of its outcome.

1. Don’t Rush the Spellcasting Process
It’s important not to treat a spell like it’s something to check off of your to-do list. This particularly becomes a problem among seasoned practitioners with a lot of experience under their belt, but also sometimes a stumbling block that newer practitioners also experience. You aren’t assembling an Ikea desk, you’re connecting with the forces of the universe. This is why simple practices such as centering yourself are so crucial, to ensure that you’re here in the moment and that your energy and focus are aligned. Treating the spell process as sacred and being in the moment with the spell is going to ensure that your attention and energy is focused on the goal at hand—which is the manifestation of your spell.

2. Create a Magickal Atmosphere
Immersion is incredibly important when it comes to casting a spell, and your environment is a huge factor in this. Clutter is going to make it harder to focus your full attention—even if you’re used to living in a mess, psychologically your mind will be more relaxed and at ease. This is important when casting a spell as it helps to induce altered states of consciousness such as the Alpha brainwave state. Likewise, creating an atmosphere that feels magickal is going to help you align with the spellcasting process in a stronger manner. Create a mood! Light atmospheric candles that have nothing to do with your spell other than creating a magickal ambiance, put on some instrumental music that aligns with your goal. This also helps the subconscious mind to know that you’re doing something special and sacred, something out of the ordinary, which helps with the immersion process of aligning your energy with the spell.

3. Build a Genuine Relationship with Your Magickal Tools
Stop treating your magickal tools as if they’re simply tools from your garage. The witch‘s altar tools are a nexus point where the inner and outer worlds meet. They are an extension and receptacle of the witch’s own inner power: their mind, body, will, emotions, and spirit. They also have a spirit of their own. Treat the tools with reverence and respect their inherent spirit—name them, talk to them, meditate with them. Magickal tools in the past that were respected for their power were often named (Excalibur is a great example of that). By forging this type of relationship with your tools, you will see a drastic increase in their potency and effectiveness.

4. Trust Your Intuition & Psychic Ability
This is a crucially overlooked aspect of spellcasting if you want greater results. Listen to your intuition and any psychic nudges you might be receiving while casting your spell. While you should adhere to the main structure of the spell, be sure not to neglect how Spirit is moving you. Listen to your heart and your spirit while spellcasting. Perhaps you’re moved to use your own words at the spur of the moment in the spell instead of those pre-written. Perhaps you’re moved to start chanting, singing, humming, dancing, or to stop and meditate. Don’t neglect these inner nudges, as they can be messages of what will make your spell more powerful. A caveat of this rule is group working;, if you’re not leading the ritual (and sometimes even then), it is bad etiquette to start doing your own thing as it can negatively affect the cohesion, group-mind, and attention of others in the ritual.

Our thanks to Mat for his guest post! For more from Mat Auryn, read his article “Magick as a Path to Self-Growth or Self-Destruction.”

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