Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Jenna Matlin, author of the new Will You Give Me a Reading?.
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Jenna Matlin Performance anxiety is a real occupational hazard when we decide to read tarot for other people. Suddenly, someone is watching us and possibly judging us! It feels like a lot of pressure, which may cause us to be so anxious we are not reading tarot as well as we know we can. Here are four easy techniques to manage any stage fright you feel about reading tarot—plus some ideas to help you deliver the tarot reading with confidence and ease.

  1. Mind Your Mind
    Anxiety kills intuition because self-consciousness is the opposite of what we need as readers: other-conscious. The flow state of an exceptional reading feels like it didn’t come from us, but rather through us. While reading, do regular check-ins with your body. Are you breathing from your diaphragm? Are you releasing tension in your body when you find it? Your ability to get out of your way is the biggest determining factor in your reading success.
  2. Hone the Question
    It is not uncommon for the stated question to not be the real, most important question. For example, someone might ask, “How’s my love life?” When what they really mean is, “Matt is always putting work first, and I never see him. Is this a dealbreaker for our new relationship?” When you are reading for others, take the time to ask probing questions and offer options when you sense that there is something deeper driving the original question. Make your question concise.
  3. Choose the Right Spread for the Job
    Does the spread answer the question? For example, if we are asking about a job interview, why would we use a “Past, Present, Future” spread? The past and present positions may not be relevant. Make sure that the spread you are using (if any) is the right tool for the job.
  4. Spit It Out
    Sometimes the things you see don’t make a lot of sense. It is more important to say it out loud rather than keeping quiet until we can logically make it fit. Some messages are not made for immediate clarity and are for a time later on. Some messages are incomprehensible but will be understood by someone else. Just say what you see, and let the messages flow through you without the expectation that a tarot reading is analog Google. Divination is often nonlinear, so allow room for that to occur.

These four simple techniques create the structure and self-care that will elevate your tarot readings because you are setting yourself up for success. Creating boundaries for our logical minds (like calming your anxiety, question crafting, and spread selection) allows your intuitive mind the freedom to show up and play. And a tarot reader who is using both logic and intuition? She will conduct exceptional tarot readings every time.

Our thanks to Jenna for her guest post! For more from Jenna Matlin, read her article, “What to Do When You Draw a Tarot Blank.”

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