Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Andrea Taylor, author of Birth Chart Interpretation Plain & Simple and the new What’s Your Big Three?.

Astrological Charts and Cell Phone
Reading all about ourselves is fun. Who can resist a book that promises to reveal aspects of ourselves we may subconsciously know but have never analysed? And it’s amusing to find out things about our significant other or children, work colleagues or intended partners. “Listen to this!” people cry when they read out bits…making light of aspects that strike them as really accurate about someone.

But underneath the fun are real truths. We are all guilty of listening to things but not fully hearing them, of dismissing something because it’s perceived as only “a bit of fun.”

Astrology can be fun, but it is accurate and true, too. So, instead of just reading the words, why not think about them? Think about what your sun, moon and rising sign positions are really telling you, because they are guiding you to who you truly are and how you should be expressing yourself and your emotions.

Self-awareness is the first step to wisdom. Once you understand your own motivations and your own path in life, it frees you up to see others more objectively, too. You see not only your place in the world, but that other people are also on their own unique journey.

That is why we should not use, control, or mould other people, nor should we allow them to do this to us. Other people are not there just to provide what we lack, and our purpose is not to be a crutch for someone else. Flexibility and adaptability in our friendships and relationships is necessary and good, because we all have to live together in harmony, but we should always try to stay true to ourselves while allowing others room to be themselves.

Your sun, moon, and rising sign have a lot to say, so by all means have some fun, but don’t dismiss their true message. It is who you are. And it is who others are. Your relationships of every sort stand a far better chance of surviving the test of time if you both understand your own individual motivations, and are able to allow each other to be—and express—who you truly are.

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Our thanks to Andrea for her guest post! For more from Andrea Taylor, read her article, “Two Layers to Your Astrological Rising Sign.”

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