Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Joann van der Hoeven, author of the new The Witch’s Guide to the Paranormal.

Witches everywhere are getting more and more interested in the field of paranormal investigation. It only makes sense, after all, who better to referee between living humans and the spirits than witches? We understand the spirits, and through our craft we can affect them in ways others can’t. Paranormal investigation also provides an opportunity to observe, communicate, and work with spirits in a way that we’d never be able to at our altars. For those who are interested in spirit work, joining a paranormal investigation team can provide hands on experience and real-world education that you can’t find anywhere else.

However, if you’re going out into the field, you’re gonna need to bring some tools. So, I’ve compiled a list of my must haves for any witch looking to get spooky this fall. Let’s begin!

  1. Salt: Salt has long been believed to get rid of spirits of the dead, though how it works depends on who you ask. Some say that salt repels the energy that earthbound human spirits are made of. Others believe that salt absorbs the energy that they need to manifest. No matter how you believe it works, I can tell you from experience it works. And you don’t need fancy salt, either; while I prefer coarse-ground sea salt, or kosher salt, I’ve also used salt from to-go packets stored behind a bar. Use whatever you’ve got.
  2. Pendulum: A pendulum is an extremely useful tool for paranormal investigation. As a form of divination, a pendulum can provide you with “yes,” “no,” or, “maybe” answers, as well as point out where hidden things lie. This means that even if you can’t quite sense a spiritual presence, you can still find out if there is one and where it may be. You can also use them as spirit communication tools and ask the spirit to answer through the pendulum. Just be sure to have your protections in place and be specific about who or what you wish to contact.
  3. Black and White Candles: Black and white candles are very effective at either removing (black) or providing (white) energy. Depending on the case, you can use either for any sort of spell on the go. I recommend getting them in tealight size to save room in your bag.
  4. Incense: Incense is also a super versatile tool that can be used for cleansing, raising vibrations, or appeasing spirits depending on what kind you use and your intention.
  5. The Witch’s Guide to the Paranormal: Shameless plug? Maybe. A truly useful thing to have in your bag? You betcha! The Witch’s Guide to the Paranormal is a manual for successfully understanding, identifying, and fixing any sort of haunting you may come across. Having copy on hand means that you won’t be alone; I’ll be there with you in case you need advice, a spell, or a recipe. So, grab a copy and keep it with you on your investigations.

    Our thanks to J. Allen Cross for his guest post! For more from J. Allen Cross, read his article, “What to Do When You Have a Ghost.”

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