The mere words “Mercury Retrograde” are often enough to send shivers down even the strongest of spines. Misplaced items, miscommunications, mishaps, and mayhem are all potential outcomes of the havoc that Mercury Retrograde can wreak. But fret not! May promises to highlight many other astrological sectors, with a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 9th and  New Moon in Gemini on the 24th, so don’t forget to enjoy what these lunar phenomena bring while you tread lightly around the happenings of Mercury Retrograde.

May 2009 Monthly Forecast

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Watch out for Mercury Retrograde on May 7; it will be retrograde in Gemini, your solar third house of communication. Grab your library card or visit a museum towards the end of the month, when the May 24 New Moon in Gemini will set off your curiosity. Also, be wary of with the security of your financial information when Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus May 13-29. You might want to pay bills early.


When Mars arrives in Taurus on May 31 (just a day after Mercury turns direct, also in Taurus), you will feel like things are again moving forward after a month of patient waiting. Enjoy spending time with a partner or loved one as Venus continues its transit through Aries this month; the May 9 Full Moon in Scorpio will also bring about a positive time for relationships.


Take full advantage of the May 24 New Moon in Gemini by enjoying the limelight; don’t just enjoy the extra attention, but use it to your full benefit. The May 9 Full Moon in Scorpio comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Expect an increase in your workload, but use this opportunity to share your ideas, motivate others, and impress those that count.


Watch your pocketbook: the JupiterNeptune merger in Aquarius, the first in 2009, has the potential to bring gain, but the odds for loss are greater—the outcome depends on your decisions. The Full Moon in Scorpio on May 9 brings lunar energy to your social interactions; schedule some time with friends or family, or get out to meet new people. Be sure to leave some time for work, however: your career is high on your list of priorities with both Venus and Mars in Aries, your solar tenth house.

That tricky Mercury will turn retrograde in Gemini at the beginning of the month; watch for mix-ups in your social and work lives, as Gemini is your friendship sector. Even with the potential for snafus looming, your social life will still be a highlight for you this month; consider a vacation and enjoy time with friends, but be wary of career-related promises.


May is not your month for travel, legal matters, and presentations; blame Mercury Retrograde in Taurus. On the plus side, you will have plenty of creativity. Use this time that you are at home to dream big and plan for the future in your career. At work, reinforce your position while planning for big things in June. Communications with family members will be generally positive, but remember that there is always the potential for a misunderstanding.


May will be easygoing, but watch for that pesky Mercury Retrograde; mix-ups with money, information, or while traveling are all possible. While Mercury Retrograde may be wreaking havoc with your life, there is potential for both relationships and money matters—Venus and Mars are in Aries, giving a boost to amorous relationships, and the May 9 Full Moon in Scorpio could trigger an influx of money.


If you can, avoid major purchases and double check bank statements for errors while Mercury is Retrograde in Gemini, your solar eighth house of money. Though Mercury Retrograde provides the potential for mix-ups, you will still enjoy time with friends and a high-powered month at work. Enjoy the May 9 Full Moon in Scorpio; treat yourself. This time is all about you.


Your relationships and work life will be impacted when Mercury goes retrograde on May 7. Be sure you are clear and concise in your communications, and double-check your work for accuracy. The May 9 Full Moon in Scorpio will bring you quiet time to balance your mind and body, but your social life will again ramp up with the New Moon in Aries on May 24.


Mercury Retrograde could hamper your social life this month, when it retreats into Taurus on the 13th. Setting aside the potential for confusion in your personal relationships, the May 9 Scorpio Full Moon highlights your friendship sector. This could also be a great month to focus on home improvements—Venus and Mars are in Aries, your solar fourth house. Show off your results at the month’s end—the May 24 New Moon in Gemini is your chance to shine, at work and at home.


Expect misdirected mail, miscommunication, and mix-ups with Mercury in Retrograde on May 6; try to postpone major decisions and purchases until next month. Mars and Venus will advance into Aries, your solar third house, and you can expect both need to up the pace of your daily life but to enjoy doing it as well. Relationships could see a boost for some Aquarians with the May 24 New Moon in Gemini.


Jupiter and Neptune will join in Aquarius; this union can be both inspiring and confusing. Expect insightful dreams and a particularly active sixth sense. Also expect some wanderlust to be ushered in by the May 9 Full Moon in Scorpio; pack up your bags and explore if you can. Be prepared for Mercury Retrograde, however; while it could hamper some of your travel plans, it will impact your relationships the most. Also, watch your wallet with both Mars and Venus in Aries, your solar second house. You may find the incentive and opportunity to build your bank balance, but spending sprees may seem just as tempting.

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