Tonight, May 24, is the New Moon in Gemini.

A New Moon is a time to begin new projects, and in the mutable air sign of Gemini, this means a focus on projects concerning communication and the flow of information. As we are also more psychically open during New Moons, this could signal a time of increased mental working and/or agitation. While this can be great for the office or the home, also be sure to take time to yourself to avoid over-stressing your mind; meditation and yoga are great ways to calm the mind.

Keep all lines of communication open–this is a great time for a brainstorming session (after all, you do have all those ideas running around in your head) or other such meeting (whether business or personal–since the fast-paced energy of the Gemini New Moon is in stark contrast to the laid-back energy of the Taurus New Moon of April, even a good gab-fest with some good friends will sate your desire for information while relieving the mind of its myriad thoughts and concerns during this time).

Written by Anna
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