Dr. Joe H. Slate and his wife Rachel recently met with Athens State President Dr. Bob Glenn, who accepted the $10,000 check to establish the Dr. Joe H. Slate Scholarship for the Arts. The scholarship shall be awarded to one or more students enrolled at Athens State University. The student must be earning a major or minor in the arts, which may include art, drama, dance, theater, music, graphic arts, or English. The scholarship will be managed by the Athens State University Foundation.

Dr. Slate was a longtime professor of psychology at Athens State. He is the author of numerous books in the field of psychology and parapsychology, including Aura Energy for Health, Healing and Balance, Beyond Reincarnation, Psychic Vampires, the forthcoming Psychic Empowerment for Everyone and Connecting to the Power of Nature, as well as Rejuvenation: Strategies for Living Younger, Longer & Better (the techniques featured in which can explain Dr. Slate’s youthful appearance at age 78).

More information on the Dr. Joe H. Slate Scholarship for the Arts can be found here.

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