As of Saturday, May 30, Mercury was no longer retrograde.  And yes, as I write this I can be found dancing around the office, for the flustered communication, mussed social plans, and kaput electronic devices that have so plagued me in the last few weeks shall bother me no more! (Well, until September 7, when Mercury again goes retrograde, if you want to get technical).

I know that I can’t be the only one suffering from a bad case of the Mercury retrogrades. Some of our authors have submitted multiple drafts of articles and manuscripts during the past weeks, catching just one more thing to be changed with each read through.

Even our readers have had their worlds turned upside down by this maverick planet’s apparent backwards motion. I posed the question via Twitter on Friday of whether or not people were ready for the havoc of Mercury retrograde to be over. A random sampling of responses:

AngieSamples @Llewellynbooks I am ready for Mercury to direct again. Dryer went out, bank error, and lawn mower died.

ellyKat @LlewellynBooks “Anyone else really excited for Mercury to turn direct again??” —- definitely! it has been hitting me pretty hard.

andiecc @LlewellynBooks I can’t wait! This has been a rough one!!
Ouch! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who has been affected this time around.

Written by Anna
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