Many people plan their weddings by astrology (as evidenced not only by previous conversations I’ve had with readers on Twitter but also by the number of copies of April Elliott Kent’s Star Guide to Weddings we continue to sell). The astrology of your wedding date can have a significant impact on what kind of marriage you will have: will you be the hosts with the most or will you be homebodies? Regularly church-going or simply spiritual? Kid-friendly or child-free?

Currently engaged, I am tentatively planning for a wedding date in July of 2010 (we’ve picked July not only because my parents travel 1500 miles each Fourth of July to visit me and my siblings, so we would cut down on any extraneous travel for them, but also because being that I live in Minnesota, I want the slimmest possible chance that my outdoor wedding will be ruined by rain, snow, or the necessity of a jacket). Since we’ve narrowed down to one out of the twelve possible months, that only leaves the challenge of picking 1 out of 31 days. How to do it?

The New Moon. Now, not everyone can (or will choose to) be married during the New Moon. That said, the New Moon offers the energy of new beginnings, to highlight the new life that you and your partner are beginning. But, each New Moon offers differences as to what will be highlighted (for example, the New Moon in Cancer we just experienced on June 22 highlighted the hearth and home, so a marriage on this date would highlight family and domesticity).

My planning is just beginning, but I do believe I will be taking the New Moon energy of July 2010 into account.

Anyone else plan their wedding by the stars? By the New Moon?

Written by Anna
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