We’re doing it again! Llewellyn is giving away signed, uncut press sheets from one of our gorgeous 2009 tarot decks!

During our last giveaway, Legacy of the Divineyou had the chance to win your own little piece of happily ever after; this time you’ll have the opportunity to win a treasure from a lost world. That’s right! We’re giving away nine uncut, press sheets from the Legacy of the Divine Tarot signed by award-winning digital artist Ciro Marchetti!

Now that we have your attention, please read on for all the details on how to win.

Subscribe to Llewellyn’s Tarot Update

The easiest way to win is to subscribe to Llewellyn’s Tarot Update.

Three lucky Tarot Update subscribers will be randomly selected to each receive one signed, uncut press sheet from the Legacy of the Divine.

If you are already subscribed to the Tarot Update, you’ve automatically been entered for a chance to win one of these heavenly pieces of art.

Not a subscriber? No worries! Sign up for Llewellyn’s Tarot Update and other monthly e-newsletters here.

Ciro Marchetti SignatureJoin the Discussion on Facebook

Every Tuesday for the next three weeks we’ll post a question related to the Legacy of the Divine Tarot on the discussion board of the Facebook Fan Page for Llewellyn.

All you have to do is post your response to our Legacy of the Divine question 4PM CST the following Tuesday and you might be the fortunate Facebook fan who wins!

You can join our growing community of Llewellyn enthusiasts by becoming a fan on Facebook here.

Twitter, Tweet, Retweet

We’ll tweet a link to a card image from the Legacy of the Divine deck every Tuesday at 4:00 PM CST for the next three weeks and ask our Twitter followers to retweet the card image.

Now, here’s the tricky part. You will have to pay attention and have impeccable timing for this one because the Twitter winner will be the pre-determined number retweet noted in the tweet (as in the 4th, 12th, 18th, etc. person to retweet the card image).

Hint: The pre-determined retweet will be associated with the card that is tweeted. For example, if we tweet the card image for the nine of cups, the ninth person to retweet the card image will be the winner.

It’s OK if you edit of our pre-formatted message, but you do need to include a link to the card image and “@LlewellynBooks” in the tweet. Only the first retweet will count as an entry in the giveaway.

You can follow us as @LlewellynBooks on Twitter here.

What’s the catch? Well, there are a few contest rules…

To keep things fair each person can only win one signed, uncut press sheet. So, if you are one of the divine devotees on Facebook selected as a winner, you won’t be eligible to win by being randomly selected from our list of Tarot Update subscribers or through our contest on Twitter.

Tarot Update winners will be notified by email, Twitter winners will be tweeted, and Facebook winners will be announced on the Fan Page for Llewellyn.

All winners must provide with their name, phone number, and mailing address with one week of being notified or we’ll have to pick someone else to receive the prize.

The contest starts today, Tuesday, November 17th! Good luck!!

Written by Brandi Palechek
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