This Full Moon in Aquarius will occur at  9:36pm EST, July 25 (1:36am July 26 GMT).

Full Moons are endings; perhaps a chapter in your life is closing. Are you still experiencing energy from the July 11 New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse? That time was a focus on family relationships and the dualities of life: the inner and outer, male and female, past and future, etc. Now is a time when, in the clear light of the Full Moon, you are able to distinguish what may be holding you back and what you need to break free of before you can move forward.

This Full Moon in humanitarian Aquarius is a time to tie up loose ends and see just how you can make a difference in the bigger worldly picture. Other Aquarius Full Moon themes include a breaking free of the status quo, visionary ideas, worldly knowledge, and unexpected breakthroughs.

Written by Anna
Anna is the editor of Llewellyn's New Worlds of Body, Mind & Spirit, the Llewellyn Journal, and Llewellyn's monthly newsletters. She also blogs, tweets, and helps maintain Llewellyn's Facebook page. In her free time, Anna enjoys crossword puzzles, Jeopardy!, being a grammar geek, and spending time ...