Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Elissa Al-Chockhachy, author of Miraculous Moments.

Death is a sacred passage from this world to the next.  The more I work with the dying as a hospice nurse, the more assured I am of life after death.  The dying are often seers.  Sometimes they share visions of deceased loved ones who have come to help them transition from this world to the next.  One dying woman told her son a few days before she died, “It is far, far more beautiful than we ever imagined.”  Occasionally, bereaved family members report a look of awe and wonder in their dying loved one’s face as they take the last breath.  These visions, seen by dying individuals, are examples of nearing death awareness.

Once we lose a precious loved one, we often experience a deep desire to know that our loved one is no longer suffering.  Bereaved individuals commonly report seeing deceased loved ones in dreamtime, where they appear completely healed, happy, and perhaps even younger.   Sometimes, grieving individuals will see visions of their deceased loved one while they are wide awake.  These visits, whether asleep or awake, can bring so much comfort, hope and healing.

Moreover, grieving individuals sometimes receive symbolic messages of hope through messengers, such as animals, plants, feathers, coins, numbers, etc.  Other forms of after death communication may involve smelling a particular aroma associated with the individual that has passed or perhaps feeling a touch, a hug, or a sense of presence.  A meaningful song or sound may play at the most serendipitous moment, or the deceased loved one’s voice may even be heard.  There are so many ways we can receive after death communication from our deceased loved ones.

Finally, those who have died and been brought back to life have the most extraordinary experiences of all.  The near-death experience is transformative.  So many of these individuals report being completely bathed in God’s limitless love and light.  Their bodies are healed; all pain and limitations are gone.  Only tremendous love and peace remain.  These individuals may be briefly reunited with loved ones who have passed on before them who are also happy, healthy, and whole.  And, when they return from the dying experience back into their earthly bodies, their lives and their worlds are transformed.  They embrace life so much more fully and completely.  As a result of dying, the fear of death is now completely gone.

Have you experienced a miraculous moment with your deceased loved one?  Have you been on the other side?  What has brought you hope, comfort and peace?

Our thanks to Elissa Al-Chokachy for her guest post! For more from Elissa, visit her author profile page to view her book and upcoming author events.

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