Last week I blogged about using astrology in the workplace to maximize positive relationships with your co-workers; after all, the better you understand your co-workers and their approach to work (in this case, based on their Sun sign), the better your working relationships will be.

In a bit of serendipity, I stumbled this morning upon an article (albeit a bit dated, from February of 2009) that details the Austrian government’s approval of an Austrian insurance firm using astrology for discrimination. How, you ask? The firm was only hiring those that were born with the Sun in Capricorn, Taurus, Aquarius, Aries, or Leo. They believed statistics showed that those under these signs were the best workers; therefore, they would begin hiring only those workers with the Sun in one of those five signs.

Now, Capricorn is known for its dedication to work and career, but I simply can’t imagine limiting a workforce to only those five signs. What of the Virgo worker, so dedicated to deadline and detail? Or the Libra worker, who is a great team player and shies away from office politics? Not only does each Sun sign have something different to bring to the workplace table, so to speak, but astrology has shown time and time again that we are far more than our Sun signs.  What about the planetary placement in the tenth house of career? Or other planetary aspects? For that matter, what about the rest of the chart??

Personally, I find the idea of limiting potential hires to a pool of five sun signs absurd; I can only imagine how many talented applicants this particular firm lost due to their requirements. (Though, I would have to say that is probably the applicants’ gain and the firm’s loss.)

I didn’t find any further updates as to this situation. Has anyone else heard more about this firm, or perhaps others that discriminate using astrology? Have you ever felt discriminated against because of your sun sign (or other astrological aspect)?

Written by Anna
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