Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Deva Green, author of Evolutionary Astrology and contributor to Insights into Evolutionary Astrology.

Evolutionary astrology, founded by Jeffrey Wolf Green and described in Pluto, Volumes One and Two, has created a deep impact in the lives of many people because of its powerful and transformational nature. Evolutionary astrology is founded upon natural laws and principles that are universally experienced. Evolutionary Astrology is about the progressive evolution of the Soul from life time to life time. It reflects the natural truth that we are all on a journey to re-unite, or merge, with the Divine. It starts with Pluto as correlating with the Soul itself.

Evolutionary Astrology provides us with a tool to use to uncover the deepest dynamics that operate within the Soul, and our current life’s intentions and purpose. Through Evolutionary Astrology we can objectively understand the nature of (and reasons for) our past experiences that has led to the current moment in time, and how we can transmute negative dynamics that are inhibiting further growth.

By embracing the profound, yet wonderfully simple, natural truths that are taught in the Pluto material we have a way to uncover our natural essence, our core (Pluto), and embrace a processes of shedding the artificial aspects of ourselves that do not reflect our Soul essence. In so doing, we must confront all the patterns of behavior and areas within ourselves that are inhibiting personal growth. Pluto reflects our deepest capacities as well as the areas of our deepest weakness and limitations. Evolutionary Astrology gives us a tool to face the darkest areas within ourselves and to change them into our greatest strengths. In so doing we can reach our Soul’s true potential.

In the last few years there as been a re-birth of Evolutionary Astrology. The publication of three new books (my book Evolutionary Astrology, Understanding Karmic Complexes: Evolutionary Astrology and Past life Regression by Patricia Walsh, and Insights into Evolutionary Astrology by Rose Marcus) reflects the deep thirst for this unique wisdom.  In times of great personal struggle or despair, evolutionary astrology offers a light of healing and the potential for personal transformation. The insights offered by those who practice EA are invaluable, and again, have helped people transform their lives and heal from experiences of great personal pain and trauma.  Those who are attracted to EA typically desire to help others in some way, and are seeking to develop their spiritual capacities. Evolutionary Astrology is a wonderful tool to use to develop or unique gifts, and to use them on behalf of others. This is the ultimate intention of Evolutionary Astrology (truly the gift that keeps on giving)!

For those seeking true Soul wisdom, Evolutionary Astrology is the perfect material for you! The many people who have been touched by this work are all testaments to its powerful nature.

Our thanks to Deva Green for her guest post! For more from Deva, read her articles “Transiting Pluto in Capricorn and the United States’ Economic Challenges” and “Pluto in Scorpio Generation From an Evolutionary Point of View.”

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