Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Richard Webster, author of The Complete Book of Auras, Aura Reading for Beginners, and numerous other Llewellyn titles.

When you feel confident and full of the joys of life, your aura is strong and vibrant.  If you’re feeling listless, or lacking in energy, it’s a sign that your aura needs strengthening.  Strengthening your aura also enhances your self-esteem and mental capabilities.  Because of this, you should strengthen your aura before undertaking any task that may be stressful or difficult.

If you find job interviews difficult, for instance, you’ll find you’ll be able to handle them much more easily after strengthening your aura.  An acquaintance of mine used to find social situations difficult until he learned how to do this.  You should strengthen your aura before undertaking any arduous, physically demanding task, also, as it will provide you with additional energy.

Fortunately, there are many ways to strengthen your aura. One of the easiest methods is to spend time outdoors in pleasant surroundings. Taking a walk, sitting in a garden, and even reading a book outdoors are all pleasant ways to strengthen your aura. Spending quality time with close friends is also beneficial, as your aura is strengthened whenever you feel happy and positive.

We all need to relax and unwind at times. Consequently, relaxation and meditation are both effective ways to strengthen your aura. Participating in a hobby or sport works well, too. Helping others is a particularly good way to strengthen your own aura. Enjoying a shower, or standing in moving water, are enjoyable activities that also strengthen the aura. Hugging a tree is extremely beneficial, too.

These can all be done in the course of your everyday life. There are also specific exercises that are designed to strengthen your aura. This is a useful exercise if you’re about to perform something strenuous. Stand with your feet slightly apart and your arms loosely by your sides. Stand on one leg while gently shaking the other. You can hold on to a support while doing this, if necessary. Repeat with the other leg.

Move your hips in a circular motion or from side to side. Follow this by lifting your shoulders up and down. Shake your arms and hands, and gently move your neck in a slow circular motion.

Close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths before raising your arms as high as you can. Your palms should be open and facing forward. The fingers of each hand should be touching each other. Slowly bring your arms and hands down until they are parallel with your thighs and your palms are facing backward. Slowly raise your arms and hands again until you are reaching as high as you can. Pause, take a few breaths, and slowly lower your arms and hands again. Repeat several times. You are likely to feel your aura in the area of your palms each time you lower your hands.

Most people are too busy to take time out for themselves. Strengthening your aura enhances every area of your life. You’ll gain more energy, and feel better about yourself, if you spend a few minutes a day working on your aura.

Our thanks to Richard Webster for his guest post! For more from Richard, visit his author page for a complete list of his articles and books.

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