Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Bernie Ashman, author of Sun Signs & Past Lives and SignMates.

We are living during a time period, in my opinion, in which becoming empowered (through tapping into our talents and creative power from past lives) has never been so important! I say that as an optimist, as I am a Sagittarius and can’t help seeing the cup at least half full. But I still believe it to be true that the skills we learn in this life and the ability to develop new insights based on what we learn might not be enough to handle the challenges we will encounter. This is what inspired the writing of my new book, Sun Signs & Past Lives: Your Soul’s Evolutionary Path. In my book I developed a technique that divides each sign into three zones, which makes it easy to pinpoint that past life patterns associated with your own day and time of birth.

Our souls knew before incarnating that there would be very fertile ground for immense growth in facing the obstacles in front of us. Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities opens with the famous line, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” In some ways we are in this reality. The great psychologist Carl Jung, who had a passion for metaphysics, wrote about the tension found in opposites; out of this confrontation we find a solution: each of us gets internally stronger when we deal with adversity. What if, in tuning in to your past life patterns, you discovered a rebirth that launched a whole new reality of clarity? This could allow for even greater fulfillment and success in this lifetime.

Very early on in my astrological career I could see that when I looked at a person’s chart, I was capturing a glimpse of not just this lifetime for someone but an entire collective energy, a collection of past lives being revealed. In the introduction of my new book I say that a past life pattern that has followed us from one incarnation to another, over several lifetimes, can be healed in the current lifetime if we are willing to confront it. It will take some practice and a lot of patience, but the payoff is immense for our soul-growth if we do it. The fulfillment and love we seek can increase in a big way. Our creative intensity can push aside any obstacle in our way when we transcend past life patterns. We brought talents from previous lives with us; they are residing in our consciousness, and when they are awakened our entire spirit gets a boost.

Currently, and for the next several years, time will seem like it has sped up. It’s not so easy to reflect and relax. I was just watching my Siamese cat napping, without a care in the world. He’s a great role model to remind me that there are moments to slow down and perhaps realize that taking the time to change a pattern it is worth it. When you start to work on past life issues, you are changed and your soul awakens. There is a magic that occurs. You begin to attract more of what you need rather than chase after what you possibly should avoid. It’s Cosmic Composting, which means taking something that has not worked so well for you in the past, replanting that same intensity, and focusing it into more productive life pursuits. It really works!

Our thanks to Bernie Ashman for his guest post! For more from Bernie, read his article “The Astrological Signs: Twelve Passports to Past Life Awareness.”

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