Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Teresa Lally, author of Table Tipping for Beginners.

I received a phone call from a man who had attended several of my table tipping workshops; he wanted to share a recent experience that still had him a bit unnerved. It happened late one morning when he was alone in the house—he had decided to take advantage of the quiet time and do some cleaning. He connected the vacuum hose to the wall and made his way up the stairs leading off the front entry foyer. He explained that before taking a ninety degree turn, the stairs opened onto a small landing where a corner shelf sat, filled with some of his wife’s collection of salt and pepper shakers. On one shelf, in a protected spot at the very back, was a dried rose, standing up in a plastic holder. This was a lovingly saved memento from his father’s funeral. As he neared the top of the stairs, he caught a glimpse of someone from the corner of his eye near the front door. He turned for a better look, but they had disappeared. He quickly shut the vacuum off and called out, but received no reply. Sure he had seen someone. He came back down the stairs and, much to his amazement, there was the rose, placed out in plain view on the foyer floor. He continued, “I just picked it up and sat down on the step, staring at it, dumbstruck.”

He felt sure that someone in spirit was trying to get his attention and wanted to know if we could set up a time to connect with them through table to determine why. I agreed.

Once at table, we were quickly visited by his father. We asked him if it was he who had made an appearance and moved the rose. “Yes,” he responded. Through questioning, he explained that he wanted to give his son some advice. This man had done extensive repair work on a boat, and the boat owner was giving him the runaround, refusing to pay. His father told him that the only way he would receive compensation was to take legal action, that he would be able to place a lien on the boat. This man didn’t know if, like a mechanic’s lien on a car, this could be done. He decided to take his Dad’s advice and consulted a lawyer. Sure enough, a law had recently been passed that allowed this to be done. He moved forward with the case, and eventually got his recompense.

It’s nice to know that our loved ones in spirit still watch over us. Table tipping, as well as other types of mediumship, give them an opportunity to relay their messages and us to receive them in a way we can readily understand.

Our thanks to Teresa for her guest post! For more from Teresa Lally, read her article “Table Tipping: More Than Just Spirit Communication.”

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