Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Ember Grant, author of Magical Candle Crafting and the new Book of Crystal Spells

Most people who travel bring home souvenirs—some people collect coffee mugs or post cards. I collect rocks. Or stone jewelry. Sometimes both. In crystal magic, stones we find in special places often hold memories that we cherish for a lifetime. We always remember finding that certain pendant or ring, and every time we wear the piece, we are reminded of that journey. I invite you to consider this in your crystal magic practice: use the pieces you buy on vacations or other adventures to work spells that keep that association strong.

Here’s an example. When I was in Florence, I bought a lovely tourmalinated quartz pendant set in silver. I’ll always remember how the shopkeeper made it a point to tell me this good stone was used for warding off negativity (which I already knew, but was delighted to find that she did as well). Not only is the location memorable, but the connection that this stone’s lore evoked is special as well. This memory helps me use the pendant to keep negativity at bay, based on the positive and vivid associations of that trip.

This holds true for ordinary rocks as well. Most collectors remember where they found a special stone (on a camping trip, for example), and this can establish a connection with the area. If you wish to revisit that place during meditation or journey work, hold that stone and visualize the place where you found it. Just remember that certain places you visit, such as national parks, may prohibit taking rocks. If you’re unsure, simply ask a park official. When purchasing a mineral specimen from a store, the accompanying card should tell you the location where it was obtained. Keep these in case you want to connect with that place during a ritual or spell.

The flip side to finding stones is bringing stones with you when you travel. Once when I was on a hike to a lovely natural spring, I realized I happened to be wearing a favorite clear quartz pendant. I dipped the stone into the water to cleanse it. After that, I liked wearing that stone when I knew I’d be going to a special place; I envisioned the stone absorbing the energy of the land. I would visit a cave, lake, or mountain top wearing that same crystal and it became a sort of companion, recording the moments and memories. This routine works especially well with moonstone, often called the “traveler’s stone.” I have specific moonstones I carry and wear when I travel, and I believe this enhances their dedication as travel stones. Plus, I can look down at my moonstone ring and remember it was on my finger in places like Italy and Greece—who knows where it will accompany me next?

So, the next time you travel—whether across your state, the country, or the world—take a special stone with you, and bring one back as well. Your collection, magic, and memories will all grow stronger and deeper. Blessed journeys!

Our thanks to Ember for her guest post! For more from Ember Grant, read her article “Using Apatite in Your Crystal Spells.”

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