“Ya Gotta Believe!” thunders the preacher as he leans into your face. “Follow the Lord!” intones the priest as he swing his incense censer your way. “Support your Leader!” chant the amplified voices of the cheer-leading Advance Guard over the beating drums. “Defeat the Enemy!” yells the politician. “Buy this Now!” shouts the headline. “Place your Order within the next Ten Minutes for Double the Benefit!” promises the fast-talking sales person. “Do it! Do IT! DO IT!” sings the swaying dance chorus.

These are all examples of mass hypnosis—used just as it was practiced by Hitler, Stalin, and other “popular” (to their targeted audiences) dictators, and as is practiced today by politicians, church leaders, elected officials, and successful entertainers. Hitler even admitted that he learned his technique for dominating mass audiences by studying American advertising and the Catholic Church.

Whether done in a mass rally, a theater, a church, or in front of a TV, radio, newspaper or magazine pages, or even your computer, the techniques are all the same: dominate the senses, limit any competition during a dedicated time span, include a subtle promise of benefit in exchange for your money, devotion, support, or vote—until the next time! There is always the promise of continuity, a time when once again the “magic” will be repeated—the sensory overload that produced degrees of ecstasy ranging from the joy of being together, the security of belonging, the excitement of stirring music and the cheers of the crowd, and knowing you are supporting the “winner” for that is part of the promise.

So, what’s wrong about going to Church on Sunday, or traveling across the country for a concert with your favorite band? What’s wrong with supporting the cause or ideology of a promising politician? What’s wrong with buying any advertised product promising benefits of beauty, health, success, and happiness?

Nothing, or Everything!

The problem, or the question, is the extent to which your decisions to give your money or your support was intellectually rational, or emotionally manipulated. Manipulating emotions is a way to seize control over your body, mind and soul. And in most of the examples given above, the “victim” has voluntarily entered in a “submissive” state in which the senses are exalted or stultified to give the “hypnotist” the opportunity to manipulate emotions and control the conscious mind.

Yeah! It feels good to be excited, to be one with the crowd of excited people, all focused on one thing, person, idea, or sensation. But, it’s like lemmings following their leader over a cliff and into the ocean—in this case, the ocean of the Unconscious above which the conscious mind is dominated and controlled to perpetrate the commands of the leader. It’s the same technique used in involuntary possession during a Voodoo ceremony in which the victim is “ridden like a horse” by a spirit force. The result is the same mass psychosis following the sensory overload of an evangelizing political or religious rally or a days-long musical and entertainment event after which many, feeling victimized, say “I didn’t know what I was doing, or what was happening to me!.


Like everything else, Knowledge Brings Power, and—in this case—Self-Control and Self-Empowerment. What is this knowledge? The more you know about Hypnosis, and in particular, Self-Hypnosis, and the more you understand the Subconscious Mind, the greater your ability to control your own destiny, to always make rational decisions, to defend yourself from Mind Control and Emotional Manipulation by others, and to act consciously and decisively with Knowledge and Understanding, and tap into the same powers of the Mass Hypnotist described in the first paragraph above. But for your benefit, not his; for your success, not his; for your enrichment, not his; and for your empowerment, not theirs!

DON’T GIVE AWAY YOUR POWER for you remain morally responsible for how it’s used.

It’s your right, and it’s your obligation, to understand the nature of your power and to know how to use it and how to defend yourself against abuse and the greed of others. You are a person, not part of a herd; you are the heir to millions of years of evolutionary growth and development; you are a citizen in your own right, not a subject of another; you have the right and the ability to become more than you are and all you can be!

Asserting your Power knowingly is more than self-defense against mass hypnosis and its abusive use by others to benefit from your unwitting “gift” of your power, your wealth, your energy and time. Understanding the Sub-Conscious Mind, and using Self-Hypnosis you become able to improve and empower yourself as you desire. You can efficiently learn new skills, another language, eliminate unhealthy habits, and program yourself to better use of your time and innate powers (including natural strength, psychic powers, and spiritual potentials).

YOU HAVE THE POWER, but you have to learn to use it. The Power is innate: it’s your birthright. But it is not a skill you can beneficially use without knowledge and understanding of the What and How. You don’t need a university degree and arduous training because an innate power is easily self-learned and self-developed into applicable skills. That is the Magick of Books. Everything you need to know is within these two books: Self-Empowerment through Self-Hypnosis and Self-Empowerment and your Sub-conscious Mind. Either book will start you on the journey of growth and development—but like so much in life: Two Together is Better.

With the first, you will learn to Harness the Enormous Potential of the Mind, and with the companion you will understand the Sub-Conscious Mind as your Unlimited Resource for Health, Success, Long Life & Spiritual Attainment.

Self Empowerment Through Self-Hypnosis

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Self Empowerment and Your Subconscious Mind, by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke & Joe H. Slate, PhD

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Written by carlw
Carl Llewellyn Weschcke (Minnesota) is the owner and chairman of Llewellyn Worldwide, the world's oldest and largest metaphysical publisher. He played a seminal role in the rise of Wicca and Neo-Paganism in the 1960s and 1970s and has been called "the father of New Age" for his public sponsorship ...