Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Dr. Linda Backman, author of Bringing Your Soul to Light the new Evolving Soul.

Linda Backman

Some of you have read my first book, Bringing Your Soul to Light. When it was time to write book #2, I felt compelled to expand my horizons, as well as yours. Often a client arrives for a soul regression and says, “You’re going to think what I’m about to say is really strange.” My response back to them is, “I bet I won’t think you’re weird at all.”

In my new book, The Evolving Soul, I write about many topics tied to our soul’s progress, such as ET Souls, split incarnations, twin souls, pre-birth blueprints, and more. What I want to talk to you about today is the seven soul archetypes.

Your soul has a flavor—distinct, ageless, and fixed. Before you begin your first incarnation as a “young” soul, you select a soul style, or archetype, through discussion with your spiritual guides.

You can begin to figure out the “personality” of your soul, which will help you to accept who and how you are. Remember that your soul archetype doesn’t change throughout all of your lives.

  1. Ray One Soul: You are the agent of change in your family, organization, and work. You are bold enough to perhaps be unpopular, because you encourage change that you believe is necessary. Abraham Lincoln is a Ray One Soul.
  2. Ray Two Soul: You are a type of teacher or “priest” who wants to bring out the best in everyone. You guide and encourage others to find their gifts. Paramahansa Yogananda is a Ray Two Soul.
  3. Ray Three Soul: You are a student of many disciplines. Learning and melding knowledge is your love. Stephen Spielberg is a Ray Three Soul.
  4. Ray Four Soul: You are the one who strives to create harmony in your family or work group, even when nudging is required. You are like an artisan. Leonardo da Vinci is a Ray Four Soul.
  5. Ray Five Soul: You are like a warrior committed to the strategy of implementing plans, whether in your organization, work, or family. Galileo is a Ray Five Soul.
  6. Ray Six Soul: You are devoted to teamwork and community as an unwavering person who idealizes being supportive of everyone. Jimmy Carter is a Ray Six Soul.
  7. Ray Seven Soul: You merge all energies of Rays One through Six, to be the alchemist or sage who knows the mystery of eternal consciousness. Buckminster Fuller is a Ray Seven Soul.

Now, I invite you to take time to consider what is the core of your soul’s focus throughout all of your incarnations. Think about whether you are more of a leader or support person. Rays One through Five operate more in public, while Rays Six and Seven are behind the scenes.

Do your best to narrow what you think is your Soul Ray to two possibilities. Accept who you are as perfectly OK, because you have agreed to the qualities of your soul archetype. Your Soul Ray is the common thread that unites all of your lives.

Our thanks to Linda for her guest post! For more from Dr. Linda Backman, read her article “The Evolving Soul and Your Life Purpose: Connecting the Dots of Past Lives.”

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