“Psychic Empowerment” is more than a simple two-word phrase of even a subject category. Rather . . .

Psychic Empowerment is the Next Step in Human Evolution

Note! I did not say that Psychic Empowerment is the “Next Phase” in Human Evolution but the Next Step! An evolutionary “phase” would be something that will happen without personal conscious interaction, just as in the past. That’s not the case with the needs and opportunities in this “New Age.” Individually, we must undertake intelligent actions in response to expanding perceptions of physical and non-physical challenges at personal, global, planetary and even cosmic levels, and become consciously empowered to perceive and act for personal and universal benefit. Individual growth today becomes the impulse driving human evolution. That is the “Next Step” that enables us to become more than we are and all we can be. More about that imperative later.

The difference between Unconscious and Conscious Psychic Sensitivity

Many people in the past and present experience spontaneous psychic powers as part of a natural sensitivity to a range of environmental vibrations when our minds were/are free of the clutter and multiple concerns we have today. Likewise, some people were/are physically stronger than others were/are; some were/are mentally sharper than others; some were/are more emotionally balanced than others; and we can say that some individuals were/are more spiritually advanced than others. Yet, we all have that capacity to equal and surpass those who have gone before because we inherit their legacy of personal achievement.

“Empowerment,” of most kinds, is mostly experienced individually rather than universally, and all individuals can learn and grow and can develop their innate powers into skills. And, yes, unconscious memories of skills developed in previous lives can become available through Past Lives Recall. Through Conscious Self-Programming the unconscious past can be brought into the present in accelerated growth and development programs.It is by making the Unconscious Conscious that individuals add to the Collective Psychic Structure that becomes the evolutionary Next Step. That innate Power becomes a Skill available to all through the intentional awakening of corresponding elements in the Collective Unconscious. That’s what making the Unconscious Conscious through study and practice is about. It’s by repeated exercise that a skill is embedded in the evolutionary seed that is passed on collectively to the future generations as the Next Step is taken.

Every individual “success” contributes to human growth

Individually and collectively we have a varied “heritage” of unconscious psychic sensitivity from those earlier evolutionary phases, but in this New Age we have new needs to increase our range of perception and consciously focused awareness of a much greater spectrum of vibratory input. There’s more to the greater Cosmos than the physical universe as commonly perceived, and there’s more to whole person than just the physical body with its limited brain intelligence, hormone based emotions, and chemically sourced energies.

In the “old days” some people claimed we were born only to worship God or gods, to “go forth and multiply,” and to fulfill His commandments for world dominance by the “Chosen People” whether Jewish, Christian, Muslim, or other.

“Now days” we measure our worth not by obeying religious dictates but by individual achievement and responsible initiative – whether in business success, scientific discovery, academic degrees, professional status, family strength, personal growth, and rationally determined ethical actions (rather than Church defined and imposed ‘morality’).

Psychic Empowerment is dependent on Individual Actions that are “the Next Step”

When we act with intelligence and purpose, we grow. But we also grow faster and develop more soundly through organized study and practice. We study and practice to learn and achieve, and turn passive psychic sensitivity into active and intentional Psychic Powers and Skills that can be consciously applied with purpose and direction.

Empowerment, itself, is the Next Step in human evolution. To “become more than you are and all you can be” requires personal growth initiatives and actual development of innate powers into applicable skills consciously deployed with rational purpose rather than reactive emotionality.

The Source of All Growth and Develop is “Reaching” Beyond the Present

When we reach beyond the present and think about the future we grow. Individual growth is driven by Need, Ambition, Desire, and the Urge to Know. Each of these is rooted in Extended Perception of the Present Situation (the “Problem”) and Recognition of Potential (the “Solution), and a determination of needed action (the “Program”) to Make a Better Tomorrow!

Whether information comes through analysis by organizations, foundations, governmental agencies, research laboratories, and whether it is “pitched:” by teachers, leaders, executives, politicians, or even preachers – Nothing happens without action by motivated individuals. And the initial drive for information comes from individuals leading to the development of the resources for responsible action.

In the final analysis, even curiosity is a form of “reaching,” and one of the most effective psychic growth activation methods is through forms of divination. (See The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment for details on many accessible systems such as Aura Reading, Clairvoyance, Precognition, Dowsing and Pendulum Work, Dream Interpretation and Intervention, Crystal Gazing, Geomancy, Sand Reading, the Wrinkled Sheet Technique, the I Ching, Tarot, Runes, Tea Leaf and Coffee Ground Reading, Handwriting Analysis, Spirit Communication, and other Awareness Expanding Tools for Psychic Development. In addition this book covers self-programing techniques of Tarot, Self-Hypnosis, Self-Talk, Tarot, Meditation and Visualization, the Tarot, Chakra System, Tarot, Magic Rituals and Tarot, Shamanism, and Consciousness Expanding Techniques of Tarot, Astral Projection, Tarot, Remote Viewing, Tarot, Psychokinesis, Tarot, Telepathy, and “Ascending the Pyramid.” This nearly 700 page compendium empowers the reader to discover, develop, and act for personal progress and evolutionary growth.)

The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment

The Llewellyn Complete Book of Psychic Empowerment


What is really involved with psychic empowerment?

For the most part we are discussing such “paranormal powers” as Astral Projection, Clairvoyance, Communicating with Spirit, Divination in its many forms, Psychokinesis, and certain consciousness expanding aspects of Shamanism and Magick. Theoretically, we could divide each of them into ‘systems’ that are “active and projective” and those that are “passive and receptive”—but, in actuality, we encourage you to see them all as “intentional actions” rather than forms of “passive sensitivity.” That’s a difference between unconscious psychism and conscious psychic empowerment.

“Sensitivity” is often thought (and even taught) as a passive process; rather, it should be an active development of expanded Sensory Perception to feel more, to hear more, and to see more. I am not excluding the senses of taste and smell but their deployment is mostly specific in relation to substances while the other three work in tandem towards providing a wholistic awareness (depth and breadth) inclusive of the non-physical (etheric, astral, mental, and causal elements) that together are often referred to as “spiritual.”

Expanding the range of Sensory Perception.

Each of these “Paranormal Powers,” including divinatory systems employing “tools” to facilitate “Reach,” shamanic “techniques” to alter consciousness, meditational and magical programs to project power to initiate change, and various methods to activate the chakras and Kundalini to extend the depth and expand the range of “Sensory Perception.”

To clarify, the old concept of “Extra-Sensory Perception” is rather misleading. “Psychic Perception” does not step outside of the familiar five (or ten*) physical senses, but extends their “depth” by enlarging their empowerment by including the astral and mental “organs.” In other words, the “astral” organ perceives the astral equivalent of the physical object to facilitate a more “whole view” involving astral energies and substance. Or you could call it an inner view supplementing the outer view in the same way that viewing the aura gives a more comprehensive understanding of the human body’s health.

*Aside from the five primary physical senses, there are five secondary senses of Balance and Movement, Temperature, Kinesthesia (the relative positions of your body parts), Pain, and the passage of Time.

Many animals have greater ranges of these same senses, and even additional ones. Cats can “see in the Dark;” many animals, including dogs and wolves, have an amazing sense of smell; some snakes and vampire bats “see” in the infrared range to detect the body heat of their prey; birds, bees, and dragonflies see in the ultraviolet range; bats and cetaceans interpret reflected sound as a kind of sonar; sharks and rays detect electric fields, as do also dolphins; migrating birds detect and are guided by the earth’s magnet fields; and even some plants sense the location of other plants through their vibrations, scents, and chemical emissions.

One might well ask, If animals, birds, and fish can have such extended physical senses, why can’t humans? Well, most likely we can if we start a training program at a young enough age. But, don’t confuse these extended physical senses with the paranormal powers of clairvoyance, astral sight, and the augmented senses involved in psychic empowerment!

But, also, do note that when we use particular physical tools in such divinatory practices as dowsing and pendulum work, we do often refine and extend the sense of touch. Likewise, musicians often refine the sense of hearing and perception of rhythm, dancers also sense subtle variations of rhythm imperceptible to most others. Anyone can extend their night vision, expand their auditory senses, and more. Human potential is nearly infinite, in response to desire and intent.

Past Limitations narrow our Perception of the World but not its Reality

Our “ordinary” education has led us to believe that the only reality is purely physical, but both the ancient wisdom and modern quantum science say that everything that exists has multiple levels “substance,” much of it other than physical. We must accept this principle and realize that even our thoughts and feelings are “substantial” and composed of astral, mental, and “spiritual” substances other than the physical dimension.

When metaphysicians and psychics, and even a growing number of parapsychologists and other scientists, speak of other dimensions (also called planes or worlds)—they are recognizing the existence of different kinds of substance distinguished by distinct ranges of vibration.

With the addition of astral and mental organs, we see things in extra dimensions, or depth, that is perceived as additional information. It is this extended perception that allows us to see beyond the superficial physical. With depth we see enriched information enabling us to act with greater intelligence and ethical awareness.

Motion, Waves, Particles, Radiation, and Vibration

Everything is in motion as waves until the wave impacts on something and breaks into particles that then radiate energy as vibration. We identify that “something” by its specific pattern of vibration as measured by its “frequencies” (cycles per second). Now, in the discussions that follow, remember that we, too, are “something” and that our body parts, our thoughts and feeling, our mind and spirit all vibrate, and it through consciously relating our perceptions and actions to these frequencies that can gather pertinent information.

Everything that exists “vibrates.” Our perceptions uniquely tune in to specific ranges of vibration that we sense with our appropriate organs—physical as well as psychic (although these psychic organs are different in structure and nature from the physical ones). Vibration” refers to movement and “vibrations” are measured by their frequency per second. Particular ranges of vibrations characterize each sense: touch, sound, odor, taste, and sight, and all perceived phenomena occur within the defined ranges of vibration.

“Vibratory Addresses” specific to Sense and Substance

The familiar physical (human) senses of Touch, Hearing, Taste, Smell, and Sight relate to specific “vibratory addresses” in a range of “frequencies” from as slow as 2 to 16 Cycles (Hertz) per second for Touch to as fast as 370 to 750 Terahertz (that’s 12 zeroes) per second for Sight.

Those “vibratory addresses” are much like your personal e-mail address: there’s an amazing depth of information about yourself that can be accessed through it and a far greater access to information by means of it. And more “information” is exactly what we are looking for with enhanced Psychic Perception, and it is through such multi-dimensional Information about things that we project the Power to bring about change in the physical world.

But, what we perceive with our physical senses—even as augmented with astral vision—is far from the totality of even the physical universe, far less than the Cosmic totality of which the physical universe is only the “end product” or the “launching platform” for the Next Step – depending on your point of view. Why can that be meaningful? Simply because the higher we go in the subtle levels the meaningful is time and distance. In consciousness everything is connected and even what happens far, far away in space and time can have impact here and now. Our psychic perception can open us to these different “realities.”

“What we see, we can ‘touch’ and work with to ‘take in’ as power”

While that statement is esoterically true, it is challenging to our physical reality. In the physical world you cannot always touch what you can see, nor always see what you can feel. So, you have to change your reality through altering consciousness and visualizing the object of interest as within a “living situation.” Then you can merge into that situation of absorb power or project power. This is Magick raised to the level of Invocation—subjects beyond the extent of this article, but intended to demonstrate the possibilities that are opened through methods of Divination and Psychic Empowerment.

Take the Next Step on the Journey of a Lifetime.

Written by carlw
Carl Llewellyn Weschcke (Minnesota) is the owner and chairman of Llewellyn Worldwide, the world's oldest and largest metaphysical publisher. He played a seminal role in the rise of Wicca and Neo-Paganism in the 1960s and 1970s and has been called "the father of New Age" for his public sponsorship ...