Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Cyndi Dale, author of a number of books, including The Complete Book of Chakra Healing and the new Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras.

Have you ever wished upon a falling star? Well, you can actually access a chakra for the same effect. It’s called the “Celestial Wishing Tree.”

I’m a chakra expert. My book, Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras, contains 1,100-plus-pages of chakra knowledge. If asked about my favorite chakra—and there are hundreds to choose from—I’d select the “Celestial Wishing Tree,” also called the Hrit, Anandakahdha, Kalpataru, and sometimes Hridaya chakra. I think you’ll see why it’s so appealing.

In the Hindu system, this subtle energy center is located under the heart, on the left side of the solar plexus. Visually it’s depicted as a kalpa tree behind an altar. Kneeling in front of the altar, a man prays. Within the boughs of the tree is a white bird.

The kalpa tree, a sacred tree in Hindu mythology, is a wish-fulfilling, divine tree—and that’s exactly the power of this chakra. A small chakra with eight petals, this energy center is considered the place of mental worship. Legend also shares that when we imagine ourselves praying before the altar, the bird carries the deepest wishes of our soul to God. Through being a devotee of God, our desires are fulfilled.

I am a healing consultant and teacher and love integrating this chakra into my work. Mainly I encourage clients to visualize the Celestial Wishing Tree while expressing their most profound desires. I’ve discovered the most powerful responses occur when my clients move the energy of this chakra from the stomach to the center of the heart chakra and operate from there.

Why would I tamper with the traditional location of this chakra? In its most popular positioning, the tree is anchored in the third chakra, which relates to issues of power and mentality. By placing the energy in the heart chakra instead, we lift it to the level of unconditional love. It is within our heart that we are most earnestly able to feel our deepest desires and open to the grace of the heavens.

Do you want to try wishing upon the Celestial Tree? Follow the steps listed below.

  1. Concentrate on the Celestial Wishing Tree in your stomach area.
  2. Breathe deeply and ask the Greater Spirit—God, Allah, Vishnu, Christ, Kali, the Higher Power—to transfer the energy of this chakra into the center of your heart.
  3. Imagine that you are kneeling in front of the chakra’s altar in a prayerful pose, with the tree behind the altar and the white bird in the tree’s branches.
  4. Concentrate on your heart’s truest desires, those that reflect the truth of your soul.
  5. Perceive your dreams raising upward, until the bird folds its wings around them and then flies with them to the heavens.
  6. With gratitude for this process, refocus on your everyday reality. You can decide to leave this chakric energy in your heart or return it to your solar plexus.
  7. Be at peace, knowing that your dreams are coming true.

Our thanks to Cyndi for her guest post! For more from Cyndi Dale, read her article, “Chakras Around the World: Are There Really Seven Chakras?.”

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