This month’s featured topic in The Edge (a magazine on holistic living) is all about creativity and intuition. This is a topic I’ve been paying a lot of attention to over the past few years. I’ve struggled plenty with all forms of creative block, from writing to painting to how to set up my personal space. These were all things I truly wanted to do, but I couldn’t figure out how to in a way that inspired and made me happy, instead of just feeling like chores. 

These weren’t new struggles. They were themes I’d carried with me since childhood. So, why was it that creative action I was drawn to perform often felt like pulling teeth once I tried to set things in motion? What was the deal?

9780738742199These kinds of blocks may not seem like a big concern, but the more I’ve tuned in to observe and hear my own frustrations, the more I’ve realized they are just symptoms trying to lead me to the real issue. And the real issue always ends up being that I am not living from an authentic place. I previously wasn’t able to recognize what truly brought me joy, because I wasn’t following my inner guidance and intuition.

Realizing this and following the breadcrumbs of happiness can be a bit of a mental shift, so it helps to have guides along the way. One such support I highly recommend is 99 Keys to a Creative Life by Melissa Harris. This book is filled with practices that will help you become more aware of your actions and built-in intuitive guidance.

I am also thrilled to share some insights I’ve gathered in my wanderings. You can find my tips on how to tap into your creative guidance in the June edition of The Edge. My pup says if you get the chance, grab a free copy for yourself! You can go here to find locations to pick up a copy or view the online version here.



Written by Angela
Angela is the acquisitions editor for New Age health and healing, psychic and consciousness development, and parapsychology books at Llewellyn. She is an avid reader, practitioner, and client of her subject matter and is thrilled to focus on her passion everyday! Outside of work, Angela's interests ...