Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sherrie Dillard, author of several books, including Develop Your Medical Intuition, You Are a Medium, Love and Intuition, and the new Discover Your Authentic Self.

As far back as I can remember, I felt different. In the mostly catholic neighborhood where I grew up, there were a lot of kids. I had three siblings, and most of my neighbors had families with six or seven children. Yet, despite the abundance of available playmates, no one seemed to be like me. By the time I was in Kindergarten, I began to realize that my tendency to “know” when things were going to happen and my ability to “see” and “feel” spirits and people who were not physically present was not the norm. In my the reasoning of my childhood brain, I knew that there were other things about me that were also different. I had curly red hair, I had green eyes, I was born on my father’s birthday, and my parents were divorced. This was just one more thing that was different about me, and no one needed to know.

In my teenage years, psychic experiences began to erupt in full force. By my first year of college, I needed to talk to someone about the psychic insights and experiences that were disturbingly parading through my life on a daily basis. One day after class I shared a small snippet of my experiences with my sociology teacher, who had impressed me as open-minded. To his credit, he listened without judgment and seemed genuinely concerned. However, he told me that this was not his area of expertise and he suggested that I seek out others who could guide me. I took his advice seriously and set out to discover the true me.

My search soon took me across the county and eventually to other countries, where I met many amazing and gifted spiritualists, shamans, healers, psychics, and mediums, and with their help I learned how to better harness my psychic awareness and further develop it.

However, even though I became more confident in expressing my once-hidden psychic abilities, something seemed to be missing. I realized that I had stuffed away my intuitive feelings and thoughts for so long and had become so used to pretending to be like everyone else that I had lost a part of the authentic me. I knew that I needed to know, accept, and love all of me: my past experiences; my present thoughts, feelings, and awareness; my intuition; my energy self; and my spirit.

Discover Your Authentic Self is a collection of essays that speak to this work of fully knowing and loving all of who you are and accepting the deep mystery and the constantly changing and evolving authentic self. It is written to support you in living from your true depth of authenticity, while negotiating the worldly and personal challenges that inevitably come your way. It is my heart-felt wish to offer you an expanded and inclusive map to guide you through the wild ride of living fully and freely, all of who you are.

Our thanks to Sherrie for her guest post! For more from Sherrie Dillard, read her article, “The Journey to Self-Discovery.”

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