Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Sherrie Dillard, author of several books, including Develop Your Medical Intuition, You Are a Medium, Love and Intuition, Discover Your Authentic Self, Sacred Signs & Symbols, and the new You Are Psychic.

There are a lot of extraordinary things in this world. Life itself is extraordinary. We have these amazing bodies that know how to do so many things, automatically and easily. We don’t need to know how to hear or see or taste, it just happens. We have come fully equipped with all we need to experience and interact with the world around us.

Our physical senses have been refined and perfected over the many thousands of years that we humans have walked the earth. We’ve basically needed and relied on them to survive. We still do, but our understanding of the world and our needs have changed over the decades.

We are evolving and becoming more aware of the multi-faceted importance of energy and how our lives are impacted by things that lie outside of our five senses. Things like electromagnetic energy and sound waves, the energy vibrations that enable the use of cell-phones and the internet. We are also becoming more aware that we are energy and that energy emanates from all living beings. Energy is not only the basis of all matter, but of the non-physical as well.

Psychic ability, or intuition, is the ability to become aware of and put meaning to the energy that surrounds us. This energy contains information carried through vibrations, which we receive through our thoughts, our emotions, our physical body, and through our energy field.

It is just a matter of time before valuing and relying on intuition is more commonplace. There is an intelligence far greater than our finite thinking mind that equipped us with our five senses. It also provided us with intuition, our sixth sense. We all have the innate ability to intuitively receive and decipher energy information. This gift is waiting to unfold and be put to use.

We don’t have to coax intuition into being, overthink its existence or question its validity. Not always as obvious as our other senses, intuition or psychic awareness emerges along side our thoughts and emotions and in our dreams, our imagination and within our gut feelings and other physical and emotional sensations. With a little bit of observation we can become better at recognizing when our intuition is at work.

Once you recognize how and when your intuition naturally surfaces, developing reliable psychic skills to use in your every day life is easier and progresses quickly.

Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz who found what she was searching for when she clicked together her ruby slippers, you too will discover that you’ve had this power all along.

Our thanks to Sherrie for her guest post! For more from Sherrie Dillard, read her article, “How to Tell the Difference Between a Psychic Thought and a Non-Psychic Thought.”

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