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Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Tony Mierzwicki, author of the new Hellenismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today.

Are you drawn to spiritual practices with a pronounced Greek flavor? Perhaps you have studied Greek mythology or enjoy its representations in Renaissance art? Alternatively, perhaps you resonate with the many pop culture references to it? Whatever draws you to it, there is a familiarity inherent in Greek mythology that is so incredibly comforting and reassuring.

The Greeks left us a spiritual legacy that includes divination, theurgy, and magick. To get the most out of these, it’s important to have a firm foundation in Greek religion, so as to appreciate all the inherent subtleties that would otherwise be missed. Similarly, study of the Qabala is best undertaken with a firm grasp of the Torah, that of Christian mysticism with a knowledge of the New Testament, and that of Sufism with a background in Islam. Below are some books to help get you started.

Oracles of Apollo In The Oracles of Apollo: Practical Ancient Greek Divination for Today, John Opsopaus, PhD explores ancient Greek divination techniques and rituals for use today.
The Orphic Hymns The Orphic Hymns: A New Translation for the Occult Practitioner (available this October), are a new translation of the Orphic Hymns by Professor Patrick Dunn where he details how they can be incorporated into contemporary spiritual practice and spellcrafting.
The Wisdom of Hypatia In The Wisdom of Hypatia: Ancient Spiritual Practices for a More Meaningful Life, Bruce J. MacLennan, PhD outlines a nine-month program of spiritual practice based on Hypatia’s teachings.
Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic In Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic, Dr. Stephen Skinner analyzes the Greek Magical Papyri so that their magic will transcend theory and become a real practice.
Techniques of Graeco-Egyptian Magic In Graeco-Egyptian Magick: Everyday Empowerment, I also analyze the Greek Magical Papyri, but my aim is to produce a planetary system of initiation for daily usage.
Magical Treatise of Solomon Moving forward a few more centuries through time, Ioannis Marathakis translates The Magical Treatise of Solomon, or Hygromanteia, and shows that the absolute foundation of ceremonial magic comes from Greek origins.

While each of these excellent tomes can be enjoyed as standalone texts, having a firm foundation in Greek religion, such as that afforded by Hellenismos: Practicing Greek Polytheism Today, will ensure far more “lightbulb moments.”

Our thanks to Tony for his guest post!

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