Ah, how I love the first stirrings of February…the subzero temperatures, the constant scraping of frost off the windshield, the frequent snow showers, and the road-salt-encrusted boots. Lovely! But even more than that, I love leaving it all behind and attending PantheaCon, now in its 20th year. I’ve blogged about PantheaCon before, so I will spare you the details and cut to the chase – Llewellyn is hosting a hospitality suite this year, so if you’re attending we’d love to see you! Publisher Bill Krause, publicist Kat Sanborn, and I will be taking turns hosting discussions, author events, and book launch parties in room 1057 all weekend!

Here is our full schedule – see you there!





  • Friday, 7-10pm: Llewellyn Mingler – meet Llewellyn authors and staff, enjoy refreshments with us!



  • Saturday, 11am-12pm: How to Get Published. Learn about our publishing house, how to submit manuscripts and proposals, and much more!
  • Saturday 12-12:30pm: Speed Pitching. Pitch your proposal to Llewellyn’s senior acquisitions editor, publicist, or publisher, 5 minutes each. Sign up early!
  • Saturday, 12:45-1:15pm: Author presentation by Chantel Lysette: Working with the Angels in the Vortex of Manifestation. Chantel Lysette is an angel intuitive who has read for hundreds of clients, a double certified Master of Usui Reiki, and is the creator and host of “The Angel Gallery,” a lecture/reading series. She’s been a guest on Coast to Coast AM, Darkness Radio, and other popular radio shows. Her first two books, Azrael Loves Chocolate, Michael’s a Jock and The Angel Code have been reprinted in several languages. Her newest book is Angelic Pathways.

  • Saturday, 1:30-2:30pm: Author presentation by Lon Milo DuQuette: Homemade Magick. Join the always entertaining occultist Lon Milo DuQuette as he regales us with stories from his upcoming book, Homemade Magick, and get advice on how you, too, can become a do-it-yourself mage. Besides being a renowned published author, Lon is also a successful musician celebrating another album’s release this weekend at PantheaCon.


  • Saturday 3-4pm: Ceremonial Magic Panel: The Way In with authors Brandy Williams, Lon Milo DuQuette, Chic and Tabatha Cicero, and John Opsopaus (Bruce MacLennan, PhD). Pagans interested in ceremonial magic need a way in. There are so many books and groups, how to understand where to get started? This panel of experts in Thelema, Golden Dawn, Theurgy, and Women’s Rituals provides a portal to enter into the world of ceremonial magic.
  • Saturday 8-10pm: BOOK LAUNCH PARTY! Join Oberon Zell, Morning Glory Zell, and John Sulak as they launch Oberon and MG’s life story, The Wizard and the Witch: Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick and Paganism! Giveaways, exclusive launch party ribbon, refreshments, and a special reading from the book! You “Otter” stop by! (Note: if Morning Glory is not well enough to attend PantheaCon, well then obviously she won’t be present at the party. But we’ll still toast her role in this amazing project.)

Wizard and the Witch


  • Sunday, 11am-12:30 pm: Llewellyn Death Panel with authors Jhenah Telyndru, Kenny Klein, Lauren DeVoe, Lupa, Stephanie Woodfield, Mambo Chita Tann, Tess Whitehurst, and Tony Mierzwicki. No matter what your path, all Pagans have dead people — and different ways of revering or working with them. Join us to talk about communication, offerings, and rituals; plus rites for death and dying and Pagan end-of-life choices.
  • Sunday 1-1:30pm: Author presentation by Stephanie Woodfield: Embracing the Dark Goddess. Explore the power and mysteries of the dark goddess. Learn who she is, and her role in our lives today.  She is the goddess of transformation, warriorship, and change.  She speaks to us through goddesses like the Morrigan, Sekhmet, and Kali.  She is not simply the Crone, she is a force that moves through our lives from our first breathe to our last, and can be a powerful guide throughout our lives.

Celtic Lore Spellcraft

  • Sunday, 3-4pm: BOOK LAUNCH: A Witch’s World of Magick: Expanding Your Practice with Techniques & Traditions From Diverse Cultures by Melanie Marquis. Find out what kinds of magical theories and techniques are the common threads that can be found in cultures across space and time, and how to use them today!Witchs World Magick
  • Sunday 8-10pm: Closing Reception and Salon. We’ll try to pinpoint the most interesting developments at PantheaCon this year and host a comfortable space to continue the discussions.


Written by Elysia
Elysia is the Senior Acquisitions Editor for Witchcraft, Wicca, Pagan, and magickal books at Llewellyn. She has been with Llewellyn since 2005 and a fan for much longer. ...