Readers, please enjoy this guest blog post by Djuna Wojton, author of the new Karmic Choices.

Djuna Wojton

This year promises to bring many changes. Some changes may be positive and can be exciting experiences—like getting married, starting a new job, moving, or having a baby. But, changes that are negative or beyond our control can be stressful—no matter what area of life they impact. Whether ongoing noisy construction in your neighborhood disrupts your peace and quiet, corporate downsizing threatens your job security, or you experience a loss through divorce or death, without appropriate stress management, these kinds of disturbances can affect your physical, mental, and emotional health. Chronic stress can contribute to numerous health problems, such as insomnia, anxiety, exhaustion, and even digestive upsets.

As a spiritual healer with over twenty years experience, I find that taking flower essences can help release emotional duress, calm fears, and restore peace of mind. They work like homeopathy, on the vibrational level. The flowers’ subtle energy, or “plant signature,” is the part that heals. Since everyone responds to stress in a different way, here are some suggestions for various Bach Flower remedies to help you cope with change.

    • Walnut helps you make transitions with greater ease and follow your destiny.
    • Sweet Chestnut helps alleviate despair and anguish and restore faith in Spirit.
    • Rock Rose addresses the soul’s need for courage when facing great challenges.
    • Cherry Plum releases fear of being out of control and helps re-connect with the Higher Self.
    • Aspen can help overcome fear of facing the unknown.

It is better to take small amounts of a flower essence over a longer period of time for best results as opposed to taking all at once. Four drops, four times a day, is an average dosage. Essences are taken under the tongue, in a glass of water, or placed on pulse points.

You are not alone during times of change. The plants have so much love and healing to give; make them your allies. If you try an essence, be patient. Some people get instant relief, while others need a few weeks to feel the support. But, either way, you’ll feel so much better.

Our thanks to Djuna for her guest post! For more from Wojton, read her article “3 Tips to Make Better Choices for the New Year.”

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